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    I can’t watch these “agit-prop” videos Vicky- I get too angry, and I’m sick of it all. If you don’t mind I copied a comment from the Youtube page of this BS video though if you don’t mind: “Wendy Lou 5 days ago Wait…is that the same shower cap girl at the DC protest that attacked Trump supporters?!?!
    Also I might add…is anyone going to investigate the $10 billion that BLM has raised? Where is this money going? Is it being spent to help communities or to arm this group???
    $10B is alot of money and it’s a legitimate question.
    Where the hell is our FBI and why do we even need them anymore?!” I am furious the “Office of President-Elect” (not a real office, by the way, it’s not, nor ever has been an official term- it’s merely a phrase as in “latest Lotto winner” or “barber college dropout”but that didn’t stop rubber-face The Joker/Biden campaign from sharing a pic of BIden in front of an official-looking seal “Office of President Elect” in the background) is not addressing the question on BLM money. I am more angry at America for not DEMANDING an accounting of that money. If it isn’t BLM, it will be something else- and so on and so on.


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