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    I’m reading the SCANS (Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) pdf now. This diagram, they call “EXHIBIT 1” is telling:

    The know-how identified by SCANS is made up of five competencies and a three-part foundation of
    skills and personal qualities that are needed for solid job performance. These are:
    WORKPLACE COMPETENCIES: — Effective workers can productively use:
    Resources — They know how to allocate time, money, materials, space, and staff.
    Interpersonal skills — They can work on teams, teach others, serve customers, lead, negotiate,
    and work well with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
    Information — They can acquire and evaluate data, organize and maintain files, interpret and
    communicate, and use computers to process information.
    Systems — They understand social, organizational, and technological systems; they can monitor
    and correct performance; and they can design or improve systems.
    Technology — They can select equipment and tools, apply technology to specific tasks, and
    maintain and troubleshoot equipment.
    FOUNDATION SKILLS: — Competent workers in the high-performance workplace need:
    Basic Skills — reading, writing, arithmetic and mathematics, speaking, and listening.
    Thinking Skills — the ability to learn, to reason, to think creatively, to make decisions, and to
    solve problems.
    Personal Qualities — individual responsibility, self-esteem and self-management, sociability, and

    So, basically, these “skills” needed are self-control, ability to work well with people from ‘other cultural backgrounds’ (rolling my eyes here) sociability (what’s that, friendliness? Least likely to make waves, maybe, or ask the ‘wrong’ kinds of questions?)
    and, how to “navigate systems” (use a computer)

    This is in black and white what Charlotte Iserbyt meant when she told us about “limited learning for life long labor[ers]” Lacking is real learning! Where is Latin? Where is Physics? Where is Electronic Circuits? Where is Mathematics?

    It also is proven when, recently, a news story about a purported “genius” came out: “The boy makes his own radios, repairs his own go-kart and on Sunday spent about 20 minutes before bedtime assembling a clock using a circuit board, power supply wired to a digital display and other items”, The Dallas Morning News reported.

    But he didn’t “make” anything. What he did, really, was remove a 1986 Radio Shack electronic clock from its housing by removing some screws, and put it into another box it would fit into: a pencil box. Radio Shack built the clock. He did nothing but take something out of one container and put it in another. Mind you- when I was 12 years old, I must have been some Einstein, but I got no visit to White House nor 100k from Microsoft, nor any GoFundMe fortune. I took apart dad’s radio and fiddled around with the parts inside until I could receive air traffic radio, and this was pre-internet and I had zero help or assistance from any one or any books to teach me. This was all out of curiosity on my part. And, I am a girl – or WAS a “girl” the youthful word for female at that age. I do not mean to turn this comment into a political argument, as that is another topic on its own, but I do mean to address the basic ignorance of the public today, that they are credulous enough and ignorant enough to buy this bit of nonsense about him “making” this clock as gospel truth, since that pile of impressive looking wires and circuits, and a BS media says he made it- since no one has any skills whatsoever but to follow instruction, navigate around a computer, and “get along with other cultures”. But actual, real, usable knowledge?

    I feel special, when I was in school- I was taught root words of our language came from Latin and Greek, so I would be able to figure out new words I found without having to have them explained to me. The medical fields would be a breeze, one could define terminology without resorting to a dictionary. The possibilities of having a well rounded, *real* education are endless. But they don’t want that. What is needed is an ignorant populace, who will believe anything they are told, because they are incapable of knowing any different. Add to that a huge influx of 3rd world savages, who know not our Constitution nor our history or pride for our forefathers, in fact those same savages regard our history as nothing more than “slave traders” and the educated few will be outnumbered and out-shouted, and you have your slave labor force.


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