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    Orlean Koehle

    Thank you, Vickie, for this incredible find! This answers so many questions about why we need to keep bringing in more refugees – it is a money-making scheme for the developers and those behind this and more tax-paying boondoggles for the few of us who pay taxes.

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      My fear is that it is even worse than that. They are bringing in young men of military age and the tech-companies they are spinning off may very well become contractors involved in the computer systems that control our critical infrastructure.

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        This is apropo of nothing- but this is blowing me away

        just wanted to post it, if anyone hasn’t read it yet, I recommend it – that’s all

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    My father in law’s brother was the Secretary of Education under Reagan & GWBush, I’ve never met him but I would love to chat with him and try to get some information out of him, or just to ask him, Why? Why do it this way. Why not leave our schools well enough alone. What did the Soviets ever do for us?

    Then they may hire what they call useful idiots to do their bidding:
    A good example of “hand picked” is the TSA, choose morons that never travel, have chips on their shoulders against those who do, and won’t ask too many questions- as to lose the “prestige” of getting to wear a badge. If I think about it, it answers a lot of questions as to the ones who are chosen to do the dirty work in these games.


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