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    Sleight of hand by saboteurs. And that is called democracy.. They’ll keep at it, they are paid well, so time is no obstacle. Those opposed will weary themselves, for effort unrewarded.
    A ‘fix’ can mean a repair, it can equally mean sabotage.
    The Fascist Republic will remain placid and tolerant till the ‘fix’ in its opposite sense is made good. The resulting dictatorship will then throw off its placid clothing revealing what it really was all along, a wolf, tamed down by the 2nd Amendment. A wolf only exercised as an attack dog against smaller nations under orders from its true puppet master awaiting the ‘fix’ to take effect before mauling its citizenry.

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    Peter’s right about a democracy: A Democracy is a government with laws cooked up by popular opinion. Opinions can be wrong, and opinions change. What if our country was a democracy in the late 1800s and we voted to deport all blacks? We have a Republic- which is a government run by elected officials.

    A lot concerns me about this gun thing and the military’s apology they claimed they fouled up this guy’s record. Why is it the military’s job to keep tabs? and why would their files determine whether he could buy weapons legally or not? What difference does legal purchase of weapons do, isn’t murder illegal? Didn’t stop him. Criminals don’t go by the rules. Making weapons illegal won’t stop crime, duh. Lots of things are illegal but our prisons are full.

    Another thing that bothers me is how quickly the media had this guy’s medical and mental history: Where did they get it? How did they get it? I know how, but this stuff doesn’t even seem to hit the radar on the public- aren’t they concerned? Would they want their own mental health histories and medications aired on international news? HIPPA. Journalists and police are “interested parties” that you signed over your rights to when you filled out that form at the doctor’s office.

    This kind of ties into the huge sexual allegations thing lately. My take is, there is an ulterior warning sent to us that we can lose our career and reputations by mere claims made by someone from our past. The past could be twenty years ago or more. This makes me think that undesirables who don’t play by “their” rules could be made homeless forever based on some scurrilous accusations. You can lose your rights – your Constitutional rights to own a weapon, based on a claim made by an ex-wife or girlfriend who says you abused her in some way. What constitutes “domestic abuse”?
    Every American should read the piece by Kitty Werthmann on Hitler’s rise to power- it’s a famous piece.

    “Then they took our guns”

    “Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms.” < See?? Firearms tracking.

    Link to piece:

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      People who have been confined to a hospital because they are dangerously mentally ill are not allowed to buy guns. That’s a reasonable thing. Kelley was in the military when he was hospitalized. He not only brutalized his wife and child, he threatened his command officers. He was clearly a danger to everybody. The military discharged him with no notification to civilian authorities that he had been incarcerated for a serious offense involving physical harm to others and that he had been hospitalized for mental illness.

      I don’t believe that was a mistake. I believe he is what’s called a “wind up toy” – a Manchurian candidate held in check until they want to use him to kill somebody or do some other harm for a political purpose.

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        I don’t believe in “mistakes” especially of this magnitude. I don’t believe terrorists are released by mistake into the general public, & I didn’t believe this guy’s record was mistakenly lost or what have you. I don’t know what to make of the wind-up toy theory, I’ve heard it before, but it seems so fantastical and far-fetched to me. I can’t make up for the fact that this guy had no real motive either though- he’s a guy who had no real reason: insane reasons or otherwise that is to do it. It takes an extremely selfish and mean person to kill or just harm another. But, on the wind up toy theory, I don’t know what to make of it really. It seems so unrealistic but who knows.



          “Wind up toy” a colloquial term. The science of mind control is well established. The Russians, the Canadians and scientists in the United States have all done a lot of experimentation on mind control. The idea is to be able to have a person who goes about their normal life (relatively speaking because they are under the control of a psychiatrist/handler) until such a point when there is a mission for them to accomplish. The psychiatrist then triggers them. They are essentially weapons created by military-medical research.

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      Murder is illegal. Murder still goes on. The way to stop murder, is to ban the law that disallows it. Then we can still have guns, 15th story windows that people can be pushed out of looking mighty like suicide, and black cars for hit run ‘accidents’.
      Banning guns before Limcoln’s time could have prevented the subversion of Lincoln’s Presidency. But would that suit the functionaries that aided and abetted it?
      The political puppet masters need guns too – and use them when they see fit once again to open up their Dispensary if any dare to drain their swamp of predators on the citizenry.
      They run the show. They ‘spin’ the ballyhoo of the seemingly acceptable line that Shakespeare had Brutus speak in I his own defence: “Not that I loved Caeasar less, but that I loved Rome more.” (Substitute ‘president’ for Caesar).
      But do they? After Mark Antony spoke in defence of Caesar, civil war broke out.
      I say “Ban guns from government authorities, before expecting the people to surrender their means of self preservation.” That will never happen of course, so the people need their right of the 2nd Amendment to bear arms.

      In Australia, police had a warrant to search a house. As usual, they broke in, in numbers., befor dawn while yet dark The occupant of the house had a right to defend his household against the unknown assailants. He sprang out of bed to resist the unknown assailants breaking in, with what strength he had.

      Being the police, they could easily have overpowered him, but they shot him dead on petty grounds of ‘resisting police’. Upon leaving, at dawn, it was realized that the address of Bill Gundy at Redhill in Sydney was not the address required on the Warrant. Still, Bill Gundy, lay dead. That was when rifles and ammunition could be bought by any 18 year old in Australia without a license, and without registration, as I remember.

      Australia remains a fairly free country. But more limitations seem to be applied regularly. America is the jewel in the crown – and that 2nd Amendment. When America goes, the disarmed world goes, Australia with it. [But I am not saying THAT destiny will befall America. That destiny remains without and involves reversing multiculture.]
      Thanks for the link Kristin, though it is too late here, I will read it with interest.

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        The event you described that happened in Australia is a playbook action. They did the same thing here. We are living a world of psychological manipulation – using events designed to evoke a reaction for a political purpose. If you do some research… think back on all the events you can remember where the media was used to create a national trauma – then do some searching in other countries, and you’ll find exactly the same thing. I’ve seen enough of them – executed in this country and then duplicated in other countries that I can say without a doubt, they (the globalists and their useful stooges) have a cookbook for their Hegelian Dialectics.

        Don’t confuse the average person out there wanting to keep a gun for self-defense with a mentally deranged person who should be locked up in a mental hospital for life because they are dangerous – not because they want to be – but because there is a defect in their brain.


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