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    Great websites, both of them! So much evil and so many sheep, people don’t really want to know.

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    Granted I did not watch the video (yet if at all) but we are unlikely to see any human cloning. The way I understand it, now my background is biology and although I have a grasp of it I am not an expert- is that it takes a tremendous number of donor cells (or is it entire organisims.?) for this to happen, because of an also tremendous amount of trial and error in producing this “clone”. You also have all of the breakdown/corruption of DNA that is combined from all the product combined, say as if brother and sisters mated and produced homozygotic children for many generations down the line over and over again- you’ll be left with an organism that is so full of corruption it would have a very short and miserable existence, if it could be created at all- just as they claimed “Dolly the Sheep” had, if Dolly the Sheep ever really was produced from cloning, I can only take the scientists word for it but we can’t believe everything, can we? Anyway, in cloning the funding alone would take so much money, because SO much product is needed – oh, wait, there are plenty of human aborted fetuses to choose from- anyway, I BELIEVE THIS HUMAN CLONING IDEA IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY and I suspect but don’t know that any groups speaking of it is merely seeking investors for a scheme. So, I do see perhaps lots of money being raised for “research projects re: human cloning” but no real human clones being produced, this is my opinion and I stand by it. It is near impossible if not impossible. Now, human gene editing is in the research stage right now, if not in practice? I do not know, but I am seeing “gene editing” phrase being tossed about quite frequently, this is the Manhattan Project in action that a brilliant Jacqueline Stevens, visiting Prof. of Pomona College(! seems smaller schools are wiser maybe? this is Oxford material! I digress) wrote a piece on titled “The Secret History of Jessie Geisingers’ Death: From the Manhattan Project to the Human Genome Project” as part of their Tech Flesh series, hers is No. 9. A snippet:”In 1999, 15 years after deciding that mapping the human genome could save us from the effects of radiation poisoning, Jesse Gelsinger was the first victim of gene therapy. Gelsinger, an 18 year-old with a rare liver disorder (one that was manageable with medicine) was injected with a virus, quickly developed a fever of 104 degrees, went into a coma the next day, and shortly thereafter died ” Fascinating stuff. The religious may speak of this as playing God, the ethicists will bandy this about, but either way, it is using up an incredible amount of human organism cells if not entire organisms, and is also focusing on altering the human being to solve disease problems rather than altering the pathogens or causes of illness itself! This is the wrong in it. This is the wrong. We do not build better and louder car alarms, we must apprehend the thieves.

    Vicky Davis has more research material regarding this very topic, if it interests anyone even in the slightest degree it makes for fascinating reading.

    My partner as we speak is working at a cell research AND cancer drug producer, although he does not work in the research part of the facility, my “insider” knowledge limited to what anyone could probably find on their own doing internet searches.

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      I would like to given an addendum- that is, take a look at this link

      The author goes so far as to claim that a boy’s love of baseball is passed down from the parents as a genetic trait!: “he can still choose not to play baseball, but he will then not only be disappointing his parents’ expectations but also, in a sense, frustrating the design of his own nature, which has been deliberately shaped by his parents” Stay in school, kids. Better yet, avoid school textbooks and read GOOD books on your own, at home, far from the dumbed down system designed to create a nation of ignoramuses that believe everything a “scientist” claims. My point in bringing this up is, I was hoping to find “good science” in the articles on Gene Editing but all I am finding is garbage: bad science, a lot of conjecture, false dichotomies and downright ludicrous statements. Another one of the author’s ridiculous claims: “,,, Having a vague awareness that IQ is heritable might motivate the selection of a high-IQ sperm or egg donor” No, no it isn’t. IQ is not inherited. Neither is one’s love of baseball, taste for Italian cuisine, or artistic skill. Brown eyes, blue eyes, long legs or blonde hair yes, personality no. THIS IS THE CRAP the American people are being told, that “it’s in our DNA” as the last president Obama claimed on national television that racism was in white people’s DNA. What utter nonsense! The stupider the population the easier it is to fool them. Here is a grand list of laughs indexed examples of textbook tomfoolery that is given to our US schoolchildren- granted it’s an old list, but nothing’s changed That is a list of BAD SCIENCE textbooks that are required titles in our public schools. Hilarious excerpts with explanations.

      Here is another gem for you: Mutations can result only in fatal, neutral or harmful results. Mutations will not make a “better stronger smarter” human.

      Reason I posted this comment is to warn readers not to buy garbage spewed out by so-called experts, even if their titles be prestigious. Scientists cannot implant a dead person’s kidney into another living human being, they can only implant a kidney from a LIVE DONOR- that is, the cousin in a motorcycle accident that has a donor ID card will have his kidney removed before his heartbeat has stopped – not after. You cannot take an organ from a dead person and implant it successfully into a living person in need of a kidney, that is the stuff of Frankenstein movies. You might be surprised to find many people believe that the donor organs are taken from already dead persons- this cannot be, and never will. The Gene Editing scheme will be rife with scandals, frauds, and downright nonsense, but even if it IS a success in the science world, it will be wrong as the motive itself is wrong, just like the making the better louder alarm instead of apprehending the thief.’

      Ms Davis thank you for your amazing, amazing writing and your work you do for US the American people- without pay!! You do this for FREE. And you make our lives so much better. Some day, in the future, you WILL be repaid for your efforts. This I know.


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        I agree with most of what you said except the part about IQ not being inheritable. IQ is intelligence quotient which I believe is the capability for brain functioning. What they are measuring with IQ tests is how developed your level of functioning is within an academic environment. There are some very smart people who don’t do well on IQ tests because they didn’t have the support mechanisms and environment in which they could fully develop to their capacity. In general however, if you take two above average, healthy intelligent people and they have children, the odds are that they will have above average intelligent children. By the same token, if you take two healthy people of average intelligence, the odds are that their children will be similar in intelligence. When you are talking about the extremes however, I don’t think its the same. These two stories are anecdotal but to me they are meaningful. You can decide for yourself. One family my parents knew when I was a kid had a daughter that was mentally deficient (we used to call it retarded). At her special school, she met a guy who was similarly challenged. She got pregnant (before abortion was legal) and had a child that was severely and violently challenged. Unmanageable. They were both at the extremes in terms of mental functioning and they produced a child that was worse than either of them in terms of functioning.

        Another case… I went to school with a guy when I was learning programming who was extremely bright – I would say much smarter than I was. He told me his parents were both genius level IQ. They had two children – him and his brother. His brother was severely mentally handicapped. The way it seemed to me is that the parents were at the extremes of human capacity and together they produced one similar and one defective – both at the extremes in the opposite directions.

        Yeah… don’t ever sign a donor card. The best donors are still alive and functioning when the organ is taken 🙂

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      The large number of cells required is probably why abortion is legal. An aborted fetus provides a lot cells. Our institutions are rarely honest in revealing their true motivations for the things they do and support. I don’t know if they’ve been able to clone humans yet – but I’m certain they are working on it. I do know that they are growing organs in laboratories but I don’t know they are “workable” yet.

      The human genome project was international. Even if something is not being worked on here, you can sure that it is being worked on somewhere in the world. I read an article about cattle in Argentina. There was a whole herd of beef cattle that were clones. If they can clone a cow, humans are not far behind. (P.S. I only buy beef grown in America).

      What we are witnessing is in fact, the Manhattan Project of Genetic Engineering. In fact, the project was initiated by a memorandum of understanding between the Department of Energy (began as a result of nuclear research) and the National Institutes of Health. The DOE designed the research infrastructure (communications, networking, software) and the NIH began designing the research systems probably through grant funding to Johns-Hopkins (because they were the ones that designed the genome database).

      What happened to Jesse Gelsinger is exactly the reason I’ve been sounding the alarm on what they are calling the Health IT infrastructure. Our entire health care system has been redesigned for experimental medicine for genetic engineering and I knew that from listening to the presentation given by Ginny Wagner of IBM and Dr. Douglas Wood of Mayo Clinic which was why I dove into researching the IT infrastructure plans. When I hear even a little bit about a system, my brain kind of self-assembles the design of the system so what I was doing was just verifying to see if they were really doing what they would need to do to make it happen. And they were – and still are. It will probably take another 20 years to pull it all together if we are unsuccessful at stopping them. The whole thing needs to be collapsed and health care needs to be re-implemented as the relationship between the doctor and the patient and nobody else.


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