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    Dound this video this morning
    Interesting number to say the least for their ‘numb’ering of the heyeway systems

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      No doubt ports of some sort in their and part of connecting the NAU erasing the borders and setting up their fusion centers along the route

      Check out R2 Fusion Inc set up in Plano Texas in 2020

      It is plastered all over FedEx Trucks

      The World Parliament and the Presidio
      The Presidio is where ole Gorby aka Rod Steiger has been housed at (right outside the Golden Gate Bridge) since his infamous tear down that wall with Reagan aka Sinatra

      Just outside of Fort Worth and an area referred to as the Golden Triangle is a shopping center known as the Presidio and there is an ALLIANCE Blvd nearby as well

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      Vicky Davis

      I’ll watch that for sure. Do a search on Interstate 11. That’s a new one also. It is one of the international routes that is an offshoot of the CANAMEX. It has taken so long because of the new highway over the Hoover Dam.

      Here is an article on the Fusion Centers which I believe were legislatively authorized as Port Security Systems – managed by the Port Authority (designated for the port zone).

      On this report, see page 25. There is a map of the Marine Highway Corridors. Major highway intersections are ports – or will be ports.

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        I think I’ve read both of the links you’ve left above but thanks for them anyway

        I am passing your information far and wide

        Check this guy out
        Man the graphs and charts he provides throughout his videos is off the charts

        At 1 hour 8 minutes she discusses
        FUSION CENTERS hmmm

        Like R2Fusion Inc set up in Plano Texas in 2020 and the company logo is plastered on the side of FedEx Trucks
        FedEx does a hell of a lot of tracking and tracing of ‘packages’ to and from their destininations and even does INTERMODEL
        Hmm as in shipping like a container coming from say like China and the contents are not checked they are worked through the system via electronic manifest and the shipment moves throughout the entire ‘supply chain’ without the doors of the container ever being opened until it’s final destination
        I know I worked in this electronic data realm for couple decades

        How can you ship in millions of immigrants/soldiers and no one is the wiser without a single entity checking it’s contents along the way?
        Send in containers full of soldiers and offload in a ‘zone’ off limits to even so called local law enforcement

        Scan through all of his videos and check out the links that he provides to this monster
        In most of the videos he refers to his data mapping of just who in the hell all of these ‘characters’ are and how they all link together

        There is also a link to all this at BURNING MAN

        Burning man and it’s relation to Nevada

        There is a reason they built a bridge over that hoover as in ‘heave’ offering DAM

        In Fools Rush In, the movie, a BABY is born on the state lines

        If they fail in the ‘MISSION’ to manifest the destiny they have scripted out and the sheep go along
        They have a BACK UP PLAN

        The BIG BANK(G) THEORY
        38 minutes in folks

        And there in LIES the big lies they have all been telling for generations
        And you bet these crazy mother fuckers have big plans
        And NOAA
        And all their key stooges playing their game

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    And Vicky

    This book here, just wow

    Links up to Thule Air Force Base on Top of the World in Greenland of Denmark (God)

    Check out the graph that shews up on this site

    See the few tiny red dots on Greenland
    One at the very top is Thule Air Force Base

    CERN the www

    Linking to Thule Air Force Base through Iceland
    Look under the heading DANICE
    The STORY a few years back about how Iceland threw out the bankers blah blah blah
    In a recent article I read it says that the IMF and others stepped in to help ICELAND throw the bankers out blah blah blah
    Anything to do with the IMF or World Bank is all bullshit
    Iceland threw out no one period
    All smoke and mirrors

    The internet started at a military level then they rolled it out to the populace

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    And this here is interesting just reported the other day

    Ester Island statues BURN?

    And then link it to this

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    Another FUSION center
    Waxahachie, TX

    DAZ Delivery Corporation
    Daz Delivery Corporation filed as a Foreign For-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas on Friday, October 23, 2015 and is approximately seven years old, as recorded in documents filed with Texas Secretary of State. A corporate filing is called a foreign filing when an existing corporate entity files in a state other than the state they originally filed in. This does not necessarily mean that they are from outside the United States.

    This information was on the side of a FedEx Express truck that I saw this morning

    Remember on the Ground trucks I think is the R2 FUSION Inc company service provider information


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