The first article I wrote about a local company and refugee resettlement: September 12, 2011,  Immigration as a Racket

In 2014, after agreeing to write for TVOI News, I began to write a series of articles on the refugee resettlement system after the video report to the right:

Refugees as a Weapons System

Report from the International Rescue Committee Office in Boise, Idaho.  October, 2014.

Powerpoints on Refugee Resettlement

Two Powerpoint presentations were done on this research.  One was held in Boise and one was held in Twin Falls.   Another Powerpoint presentation was done by Rick Martin, Chairman of the Committee to End Refugee Resettlement at CSI.

Boise Powerpoint

Twin Falls Powerpoint

Rick’s Powerpoint

President Obama's Visit to Boise, Idaho, January 21, 2015

Legislation introduced in Idaho House Judiciary Committee in February 2015:

October 2017

Fake News - Russian Interference in Elections - Twin Falls

The Daily Beast claimed that an anti-immigrant rally advertised on facebook was the work of Russian operatives behind the cover of false identities.  The date of the Daily Beast article was September 11, 2017.

September 30, 2000

Communist Revolution from the Top Down

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