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    ” Congress can’t get this information from the agencies of government directly so they are setting it up so that non-profits and citizens can get the information for them. The agencies of government are non-responsive to Congressional requests for information.” This could possibly make it WORSE, because these org.s won’t be forthcoming with information, and we will only have a partial list of the funds, but the bill states we have ALL of the data, so people will be lulled into believing everything on that “Right To Know” list is correct? I assume Catholic Charities, any corporation that has Public Private Partnership plan won’t be forthcoming either, and considering we won’t see them on that list- we’ll assume there IS no tax money going toward it, right ? Am I correct in this?

    Vicky the public is so ignorant of these things, even if told about it they still would not understand. For instance, in our local news website today:

    “The Navy Department and Arizona Public Service on Monday announced an agreement that will have APS develop a small-scale power grid to operate either independently or in conjunction with the area’s main electric grid. The so-called “microgrid” would use a diesel-powered facility to generate electricity that would normally provide power to APS’ transmission lines to meet customers’ peak needs.” ” Source:

    a reader posted a gushing comment about how “every military base ought to have a set up like this”

    They assume it is a “good will” measure by APS (our local utility) as if they had used their own money! LOLOL- and not what it really is, a public-private-partnership. They do not know, or do not believe, that their taxes they are forced to pay are used to fund these “great ideas”. They need to be told these things. They also will not believe it, if told by a regular person, because someone in a suit told them otherwise. Just like on C-Span3 last week during the Refugee negotiations talk, someone (?) a woman, sorry I did not write down her last name or title- first name “Anne”, an official who was on the negotiations team with our Senators, said out loud that all of the moneys and funding the refugee resettlements use is solely from DONATIONS. That’s right, I bet Americans didn’t know that the 30% of their paycheck deducted for Federal & State Taxes (that fund Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, UNHCR, et al) is totally voluntary. She said so! On TV! and she was an official… So, next April when you fill out your tax forms, that you would like to “donate” those funds elsewhere, and see how that goes.

    People that have read the article I pasted here, they do not think about it all the way. All they see is the propaganda, the feel good aspect of it, and they are trained to look for whether it’s “nice” or “not nice”- they respond in a childish, emotional way, instead of a grown-up adult way.

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