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    Gary Henderson

    What was going on at that time? That was shortly after the terrorist bomber Communists Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and gang (The Weather Underground) had done their “things”, and, except for Bernadine doing a few months for refusing to testify against a fellow terrorists,
    never served a day in prison. They are “respected” Illinois pigs and I believe are part of the advance Obama team that is sent to various countries, (recently, Canada) to help to defeat
    governments that do not meet their radical approvals.

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      There was a lot going on but the media then as now focused only on the sensational and never got into details.

      This is info that I sent to another person who asked me how I was connecting all of this.

      Backing up to 1961 Kennedy provided funding for an expansion of the South Vietnamese military and he sent over technical advisors. The objective over there was “social progress”. According to what I read yesterday, the strategy was to move the peasants into “strategic villages”. The idea was almost like herding wild animals into a corral to tame them – and supposedly that would make them love their handlers – the government. Obviously, it was a failed policy – all they were doing was pissing off the peasants because they didn’t want to be forcibly moved into strategic villages. (this was in the Pentagon Papers – Gravel Edition).

      According to one paper I read, the leader of Viet Nam at that time was a guy named Diem. Diem was not able to carry out the policy so Kennedy ordered the CIA to assassinate him. Three weeks later, Kennedy was assassinated.

      Johnson becomes President. He brought in John W. Gardner as Secretary of HEW. Gardner was the President of the Carnegie Foundation. Gardner was the architect of the Great Society programs. One of those programs was the Economic Development Administration ( created in legislation Public Works… (PWEDA)

      The network for refugee resettlement in the US in the modern context was established for the Vietnamese Boat People. A privatized network of social services providers was established to carry out the refugee resettlement mission – but they never went away. They are still with us.

      After Gardner left government service he went to work building the “Independent Sector” and he founded Common Cause.

      The way the privatized system of the “Independent Sector” works is that they receive federal grant money to carry out programs which turn out to be UN-UNESCO programs. For example, Agenda 21 is being driven by the economic development districts – Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy as documented in CEDS reports.

      And one more thing, one day when I was searching the net for something, I stumbled upon an FBI report on the comings and goings of Bernadine Dohrn. One of the entries had her going into the office of Common Cause in Washington DC.

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      This was also right around the time the UN officially declared global war on ‘private land ownership’, per its UN ‘Vancouver Action Plan’ document (June 1976). In the US, we understand this to be war on private property rights, rights guaranteed to all US citizens by the 5th Amendment.

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        You’re right Alex. I’m going to write more about that very soon. The piece I’m posting today is a lead-in to the subject as a matter of fact.

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    Obama…?! I am almost embarrassed to correct such a rudimentary lesson, but this had gone on long, long before the current administration: Obama is merely “announcing” it’s presence, and touching the toes of the UN’s Golem into the apathetic American waters.

    Have you even read ?

    “In 2004, Thomas P.M. Barnett gave a presentation at the Industrial War College titled, Military in the 21st Century that was broadcast on C-Span. The audience naturally was military and Pentagon people. He was there to talk about the concepts in a book he wrote titled The Pentagon’s New Map. In the book, he divided the world into the Old Core, the New Core and the GAP. ” <<< See that? the NEW MAP and NEW CORE. Remember how our troops were complaining about having to buy their own equipment and those worthless Humvees that offered zero protection? Corporations were in partnership to supply our military- "public private partnerships" technically Fascism! We have an actual, bonafide Fascist government working, right now. Where IS everyone?? Why aren't we rioting in the streets?? Are people SO stupid they are more concerned with fake "Convervative vs Republican" dichotomies? Or "black lives"?? Does the public REALLY buy into this scam circus?

    By the way Mr. Henderson- the communist/fascist/whatever you want to call it had already been cooked up. the only thing left was simple logistics. She lays out the coup d'etat in explicit detail. That part really needs its own book – hell, a movie! It reads like a horror version of a Tom Clancy airport bookstore novel.

    You may ask yourself "how did all this get past judges, FBI? If the FBI mainframe database is compromised, you can insert anyone or thing you want

    if I had access to our nation's FBI database, or let's say the National New Hire list, I could "create" a new me, a new anyone- say I want to put a new Supreme Court judge on the bench. Or say, put you on the FBI payroll! That's what they did. Man, the octopus is SO big, so complex. It is a fascinating read, and I lost at least a week just sifting through a lot of it, I only wish the right people would read it and DO something about it.

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      WoW Kristin. You really have been reading my website haven’t you? You dove deep for that PTECH info. I researched 9-11 for a long time so it’s rare to hear something I hadn’t heard or read before. The other day however, I did hear something new from Rebecca Roth. She said that Michael Chertoff was responsible for getting PTECH the contract working with Mitre. PTECH was a start-up but since we know that PTECH had the PROMIS software, that means that Chertoff was the breach. (1:03 into the video)

      (P.S. that’s not an unequivocal endorsement for Rebecca Roth – just a noted interesting tidbit from what she said).

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    Dug Deep? Schmug Schleep! I think(?) the link for that was in one of your previous writings: population normalization, if it’s not in there, its related to it through a circuitous route in writings you have on that Thos. Barnett fellow. It was not difficult to get to, and Boy what a read. This is stuff that a team of journalists couldn’t come up with. I can’t imagine one person, even two! Finding the time and resources to gather all your data. It’s a like reading a “live” encyclopedia. Once you get into that website, it’s a tarbaby- you stick one hand in ,and the other one gets stuck too, and next thing you know you’ve been reading for about 4 hours.

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      lmao! I’m glad you like it. That makes the effort worthwhile.


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