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    Whoa. Good stuff Vicky, good stuff.

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      Thank you Kristin. I really appreciate that you read what I write. This is pretty intense stuff that can’t be told in a single post so I’m especially glad that you are following it.

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    Reading this is like reading a very deep classified intelligence briefing on major, very corrupt government/private business interactions – which is exactly what it is. Fascinating! Be careful Vicky!

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      Thank you Doug. Somebody has to be on point so it might as well be me 🙂

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    Gary Henderson

    Holy Cow! This is exhaustive, in-depth sleuth work that requires great dedication, an extreme ability to connect the dots and a remarkable talent for sniffing, thinking and typing simultaneously!
    Terrific work, Vicky, you can watch my back anytime.

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      Thank you Gary. That is a pretty awesome compliment. It was probably one of the more difficult things I’ve written because there were a number of different threads I could have followed and believe it or not, I had to cut out some information that I really wanted to include.

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    Dennis Frisby

    Thanks to your exemplary investigative abilities and your willingness to teach others, you won’t have to stand alone in your endeavors to expose corrupt enterprises, from local government and business entities to the Federal level. I don’t know how many of us will be able to craft such a well-written ‘expose’ as what you have done here; but, rest assured, our goals are the same and those you teach/train will give it their best efforts. Thank you for your efforts and your patriotism!

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      Thank you Dennis. I’m sincerely looking forward to it.

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    Sustainable develpment goals and world wide land theft

    It’s a port hole like on a SHIP ie marytime law

    World Democratic Parliament and the Earth CONstitution


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