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    To lump the faithful in with what can be described as idealistic Marxist groups is unfair. These groups are OSTENSIBLY “Christian”, but underneath the sheepskin is pure red wolf. “‘Sure to be judged is the king who builds his palace using injustice and treats people unfairly while adding its upper rooms. He makes his countrymen work for him for nothing. He does not pay them for their labor” is just one of many Biblical references that expose these ecumenical movements for what they are: Ecumenical groups substitute social and political work for Christ’s command of world evangelism & preaching. In the Ecumenical Movement, every religion is considered legitimate- this is antithesis of Christianity.

    In an article titled ” U.N. plans to bring together 1,000 world religious leaders”
    By Larry Witham, THE WASHINGTON TIMES, July 14, 2000, by reading articles such as that, the non-religious are easily swayed into A) smugly chastising the church for aligning itself with such an organization (the UN), thereby cementing criticisms the non-religious have on the hypocrisy of so-called Christians. I cannot stress enough that this is a match made in hell for claimed Christians who ignore their Bible, and for the non-Christians who know no better. Everything that Christ is, the UN is not. The United Nations ideals are all that Christianity is against. Humanism is anti-Christian, so is socialism- contrary to what critics may believe, as God represents Justice.
    These groups use Christian-like words such as “charity” “kindness” “Christian love” and other feel-good phrases, just as the Serpent deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden. These deceptions have existed since the dawn of man. There is nothing new under the sun.

    I had a mechanic once who assured me he would not cheat me, as he was a Christian! Are we to take that as gospel truth? (pun intended) he did end up cheating me, and ruining my steering column costing me hundreds of dollars in the process. Word to the (un)wise: do not believe what you’re told, even if they use trusty words and profess kindly intent. I could fill up entire pages with Bible verses trying to convince you all that this “world church” and global unity is the opposite of what Christ is- but it’s already been written, its the Bible.

    Don’t buy into this phony catholic-communist dogma, the Lutheran groups, this is nothing new – it’s been done before, and fools no Godly person. They exist to fool the evil, who are not only easily swayed but prefer to stay in the dark, because the light exposes them.

    Speaking of liars(!) this morning on C-SPAN for the US THREAT & SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS a female speaker named “Anne (last name lost to me, apologies)” I quote as stating that the refugee associations exist solely on donations!! She implied that all the monies, funding, care the refugees receive is SOLELY from voluntary sources. Is compulsory tax deductions from a worker’s pay check, that money is used to fund State Dept that in turn funds the refugee centers a “donation”? She is a bald faced LIAR.

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      I’m just the messenger. Catholics all fly under the same banner. If they don’t like being painted with the brush of Marxism, it’s up to them to clean their house. Same with all other religions.

      I strongly suggest that you watch the C-Span video of the panel at Georgetown. The people on that panel are the intellectual leaders of the institutional church.

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    A Russian immigrant friend of mine told me how he managed to migrate to Australia. He filled out the immigration papers a first time and was rejected, a second time and was rejected. Then somebody informed him to try once more, but this time to say he was a catholic. He was immediately accepted.
    Boat people (so-called refugees) were arriving en masse on the west coast of Australia, from Sri Lanka, Somalia, and other places like Afghanistan. Some escaped normal apprehension channels into the ordinary population. The government set about rounding them up, discovering their whereabouts, but could not. A directive was sounded that anyone harbouring these illegal arrivals would be dealt with for breaking the law. The missing aliens were found finally at Albert Park Lake, a suburb in Melbourne. Now get this, the person responsible was the Mother Superior Sister Bridget of St Bridget’s Brigidine Convent. They all now share a diminishing slice of the cake, Australian’s used to have more of. I doubt if the nuns responsible had to answer to the law courts.
    Aborigines were tapped on the shoulder by a Jesuit priest, to call Australia Day, Invasion Day. Prime Minister Keating, at the time, said “Sorry” and Australians and aborigines walked across major bridges like Sydney Harbour Bridge, in all capital cities in Australia.
    Now, why this fascination with bridges, to build bridges? Why do all the Euro coins feature bridges on the obverse or head side of the coin? I wanted to know whose head would appear on the coinage of the Euro, expecting it would be the Pope’s. But what I found was bridges instead. I was disappointed and puzzled – but not for long. I soon realized that the bridges were code for Pontifex Maximus, the title of the Roman Caesars who ruled the known world at the time. This title is now bestowed on the Roman Pope, the Pontiff for short. The Irish must have clued on to this too, or had it revealed to them by their Roman Church priests, for they have nicknamed the Euro – the punt.
    So the Roman Catholic system, in the shadows, is right behind a lot of intrigue going on, on this planet.
    The reverse side of the 10 centime coin has twelve five-pointed stars, oriented point upwards as on the USA flag. Each of these positioned as the twelve numbers on a clock.
    Four of these stars have a single extended point, pointed to the centre. These are at 2, 4, 8 and 10 o’clock. Three of these stars have two extended points each pointing to the centre. These are positioned at 5, 6 and 7 o’clock. So, all in all, seven stars have ten points. The seven stars representing seven heads, and the ten in all extended points representing ten horns. The seven heads and ten horns of – THE BEAST on the reverse side of the coin and the Pontifical World (Euro) Caesar on the obverse side. The ten percent euro-cent coin was chosen for these image riddles of ten percentage ‘points’ for ten horns. The Euro notes also feature these bridges. Clearly the significance of this cannot be evaded. The R.C.C. Roman Catholic Church better known as R. C. Christian of Georgia Guidestones fame is clearly the biblical BEAST, and knows it. Pontifex Maximus is Latin for ‘Chief Bridgebuilder’.
    Still on ‘bridges’. The word ‘bridge’ itself is nowhere found in the bible, except in word ‘code’ form. The Bible can code in riddles too. In Revelation 17:1 the great harlot ‘sits on many waters’. What sits over waters? Answer: a bridge. The waters that the harlot sits over are peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues. This woman the great harlot is the great city that reigns over the kings of the earth Revelation 17:18. This woman a great city is also seated on seven hills. Rome sits on seven hills.
    The Roman Empire went underground and so survived as a church, the Roman Catholic Church. It is a political wolf in religious clothing of a sheep. It’s purpose is to come out re-established as the Roman Empire called ‘holy’ to deceive – not a New World Order at all.
    Quote: – The empire was now the church; it was now indeed indestructible, for, if it perished as an empire, it would live as a church. But the church made it certain that it would not perish, even as an empire, for centuries to come. . . . . Reinforcing in the minds of all Christians, the conception of a necessary political unity of all the world under a single head. . . . . . . The church too became an empire, as the empire had become a church. . . . The pope borrowed his title of ‘pontifex Maximus’ from the emperor [king of kings] : what is far more, he made himself gradually, and in the course of centuries, the Caesar and imperator of the church. . . . the heritage of ancient Rome. (Ency. Brit. 1962 Article “Empire” page 403.)
    Una Chieso in uno stato, One church in one (world) state, says it all.

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      Now the bits left out. Australians and aborigines walked across bridges as an act of reconciliation – building bridges. Rome seated on seven hills. Revelation 17:9. Just as the emperor or Caesar of the New One World, the NWO is Pontifex Maximus, so the leader of the Fabians is Fabius Maximus. Gough Whitlam was Fabius Maximus in Australia. No secret is hidden from them Ezekiel 28:3 as the Prince of Tyre. The confessional. Your census forms. The Masonic Temple. They are the summit or apex of all secret societies including skull and bones (see the resemblance of the Jolly Roger, skull and bones, to the Vatican flag with crossed keys and mitre). The Vatican is an intelligence network and think tank supremo. A prominent anti-Semite was asked by me, who he thought should rule the world, as he hated so called Zionists. Bilderbergs, the UN, CFR, everything supposed to be in the race. His answer was: Oh the Pope of course! And he wasn’t even a Catholic so he claimed. That’s when I realized he as an anti-Semite didn’t have the answers. Roman Catholic clergy ran Bohemia Grove in 1927. Roman Catholics claim to be the one holy and Apostolic church. But see Revelation 2:2, 2:9, 3:9. An Apostolic church is a New Testament Church. These impostors and their Masonic Temple are not Jews. They claim to be Christian but are not, also.

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        Vicky Davis

        Might their lineage be the Druids? I’m handicapped in the area of religion because I wasn’t brought up in a religious home. It was a moral home – but not a religious one.

        On the first coin you mentioned, look at it again. The lines that merge at the top as the lines of a road converge in the distance. The significance of it is that it represents roads, pipelines, fiber optic cables. They are the connectors for conquering for the NWO. The semi-circle at the bottom forms not quite a pyramid – but it does seem to be the likeness of the druid cap.

        The structure appears to be the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate separated East and West Berlin. I just watched a video this morning of Ronald Reagan giving his “tear down this wall” speech in 1987. That speech is the key to unraveling what happened to our country, by whom and when. The bringing down of the Berlin Wall was one of the most significant events in the history of the world. When people started rushing through the holes, from our side, they saw people rushing towards freedom. What was really happening was that barbarians who had been oppressed for forty years (wolves) were being unleashed on Pollyanna (sheep) and now we are losing our country, our freedom and the future for our children.

        In 1982, Reagan accepted the Soviet challenge of a “Competition of Ideas and Systems”. I call it a Battle of Ideas and Systems. The press was supposed to serve the purpose of protecting our freedoms – telling the truth and keeping people informed. The reverse happened. It was the press that was taken over first and now.. Psalms 119? or Hosea Chapter 4 – “my people suffer for lack of knowledge”.

        I couldn’t find the coin you were talking about with the Beast on the reverse side but it may be that I just don’t know what to look for.

        Did you see the opening of the tunnel through the Swiss Alps? Pure paganism – maybe satanism – I’m not too sure of the distinction. Dignitaries of Europe were at this event.

        Scroll down on this story to the heading that says Religious Actors and you’ll see the Pope and the Imam – coming together for one world.



          My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6
          What knowledge? No knowledge of God in the land. Hosea 4:1
          Therefore my people go into exile for want of knowledge.
          Isaiah 5:13.
          The sum of thy word is truth; and every one of thy righteous ordinances endures forever. Psalm 119:160.
          . . . and Israel shall surely go into exile away from its land. Amos 7:17.

          Oddly, we know that we would have been enslaved if WWII was lost. Do we know that when refugees are taken in, in bulk, that we give away our land bit by bit to alien foreigners? Hosea 5:10? We then get pushed out because that is the plan. . . . . They shall be wanderers among the nations (refugees). Hosea 9:17.
          Woe to them when I (God) depart from them! Hosea 9:12. Why would He do this? Woe to them for they have strayed (departed) from me (God). Hosea 7:13.
          . . . They shall return to Egypt. Hosea 8:13. Hosea 9:9.
          The LORD will bring you back in ships to Egypt. Deuteronomy 28:68.
          Shakespeare took his pen name or nom de plume from Psalm 46. (KJV) A short chapter. 46 words in ‘Shake’. 46 words back ‘Spear’. Why?
          The translating team translated. He put polish on the English wording of the work. He realized the importance of the good news (gospel) to Anglo-Saxon Israel.
          Best read from the Living Bible where I first caught on to it. From afar, outer space in fact, a Rescuer arrives for a forsaken people, decimated, and in need of a rescuer or Saviour. Here goes: – The Commander of the armies of heaven is here among us. He, the God of Jacob, has come to rescue us. . . . . “Stand silent! Know that I am God! I will be honoured by every nation in the world!” The Commander of the heavenly armies is here among US ! He, the God of Jacob has come to rescue US ! Psalm 46:7-11.
          Obama blasphemously uttered verse 10 in Quotations recently. He did not state verse11, but he must have noticed it in fear. That’s the story. Hosea is prophetic of an Israelite tribe called Ephraim. Exile in Egypt, Eh?



            Then a second Exodus occurs for ‘someone’ related in Isaiah 11:11 and also Hosea 11:11.
            A second Exodus from Egypt is reported under the article ‘Hosea’ in the 1962 Encyclopaedia Britannica. A doctor of divinity wrote it. But the knowledge exists, or existed and became lost knowledge. Is the American Anglo-Saxon the tribe of Ephraim – a republic?
            Evidence Hosea 13:1 and 13:4 and 11:5.



            I wasn’t speaking of religious knowledge. I was talking about the history of this country and the major events – especially 1975 to 1990; and then 1990 to the present. 1990 was the Countdown to the New World Order.

            How do you know something is really happening in a country like ours unless you know the history?

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        If the Vatican Roman Catholic Church was Christian and Apostolic, they would not be singing Latin hymns to “LUCIFER” aka Satan. Along with their Masonic Temple secrecy, they are nothing but the ‘synagogue of Satan’. This hymn singing can be witnessed on Youtube.
        I add this as I do not like to make an empty statement like I concluded with.
        They claim Apostolic Christianity but are not Christian. These lying impostors are the church of Satan, ages old, not Apostolic New Testament at all. Wolves masquerading as sheep. The RED capes and tonsures (skull caps) of the Cardinals symbolizes their willingness to shed blood – YOUR BLOOD. That is why Communism/fascism/nazism, all Godlessly Socialist is associated with the colour RED. They also think the white garment of Jesus, has become blood spattered from Him coming back from treading the winepress of God’s wrath, making it CRIMSON RED, from Bozrah. They would have you believe this is their bible backed mission from Isaiah 63:1.
        But this is for image and scarecrow idolaters from Jeremiah 10:5, where we are told not to worship the way of the heathen with its scarecrow/crucifix idol. The Pope carries a ‘stick insect’ crucifix/scarecrow when he excites the masses with his public appearances. Google images of scarecrows – yes a strawman crucifix.. His followers are destined to be thrown into that winepress of God’s wrath, by acceptance of the ‘mark of the beast’, which does NOT justify the colour RED for Catholic Communism, evil to the core.



          Hence the RED SHOES of the blood trampling Communist Pope, ardently followed by your pompously elected politico, crusaders of their RED Commander-in-chief the papacy, who wants to banish your guns rendering you defenceless as he wades across your land unhindered – in his red blood-bespattered shoes. With the USA at last disarmed, the world is now his oyster.
          I hope that oyster is OFF when he eats it! Very, very off.



          Wow… you know know a lot about this. What I do know about the Catholic Church – Catholic Charities is that they are helping to destroy this country by operating as a Volag in the refugee resettlement system. They are making money by destroying their own home country. That’s both evil and stupid.


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