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    This writing needs a bit more of an audience. Any way I can spread it around I shall. Again brilliant and it’s not mere speculation or subjective opinion, its documented and researched very well. As I’ve written to Ms Davis before, I’d not seen such research from any private person outside the State Dept.

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      I needed to know the truth of things for myself and I share what I find with anyone who cares to read it. Your support for my work means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

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        Ms Davis I’m flattered you consider my opinion worthy even meaning of meaning.

        PS – for any 9-11 truthers, I think Vicky Davis just released the reason behind it, and its in this “Military in the 21st Century” transcript, with your notes to help (it would have been tedious without them, and less understandable for the less mentally gifted, like one of your readers cough cough)

        There are SO many things that caught my eye in this, and one of them was interesting in that it reminded me of Dr Lawrence Dunegan’s speech to pediatricians he recollected from memory “…there will be no martyrs…” In that man Barnett said in (pdf)

        The Top 100 Rules of the New American Way of War” it’s states :”What the United States Mobilizes and Takes to Any War
        32. Any war the United States wages involves all elements of national power, meaning
        the United States works to defeat its enemy in every way possible:
        · Destroying their ability to wage war
        · Isolating them from potential allies
        · Denying them resources
        · Denying them the sympathy of others.”<<<< right there. When I read the propaganda in any news media outlet I pay attention to the emotional response I get from the stories- if they are gearing a certain person or group for mockery, contempt or sympathy. With that "DENY THEM SYMPATHY" my mind went back to the CIA's "changing hearts and minds" and to Dr Dunegan's tapes about "there will be no martyrs"

        (Dunegan is a physician, who made these tapes in the 1980s? from a recollection he had from a speech that took place in the 1960s given by a Dr Day his audio recollection and interview is AVAILABLE on, or you can read a transcript there was another parallel about being able to technologically pinpoint exactly where a person is:

        (from the transcript)" the advances in technology and how they could spot just one little individual down in… they used the constant reference to pinpoint… "pinpoint". I imagine with the different technologies they can also pinpoint a couple of renegades in the New World Order. The technology which was applicable to a so- called 'enemy' can also be applicable to this controlling the order."

        Now, this Dr Dunegan taped recollection is nowhere near the level of even one page of Vicky Davis research, but the Dunegan tapes is a nutshell, and a condensed and easily digested/fun read (like how a horror film is fun)
        everything in that speech warning us about future plans has or is occurring, I first read one part about "TVs watching you" years ago. He also mentions quite a bit about global money, global communities,

        As of right now, it is late and again I find myself lost in a miasma of ChannelingReality work I haven't seen before, and again I can imagine many hours and days lost to reading. For the readers, the way Ms Davis writes is really remarkable, instead of tiring one it energizes one to read the pages. I can't imagine even putting even just ONE page of hers together, it takes me many minutes composing a comment on a website let alone those "books" of information and research- now I am talking about a mere single page on her site, every one a gem full of nuggets (confusing mental picture I know) it's stunning really.



          the advances in technology and how they could spot just one little individual down in… they used the constant reference to pinpoint… “pinpoint”

          Barnett talked about a division in the military – two forces: (1) Leviathan (2) System Administration. In the IT business, the System Administrator is the person responsible for the systems (computer) which is what grabbed my attention in the first place. Something I caught this time that I didn’t the previous 5 or 6 times was that he talked about coalition partners for the Sys. Admin force. He said: “A lot of gap countries prefer to do this” and the UN is paying them. Those systems of the Sys. Admin. force would include the critical infrastructure systems. Those systems are like a loaded gun to the head of public officials. That gives the UN something similar to a hand grenade with the Sys. Admin. Force having it’s hand on the pin.


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