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    “prosperous places to live while retaining their unique character, culture and history.” They will probably take that statement and make something ugly out of it, the propaganda people have a way of doing that.

    I can’t wait til this thing is in my town but our area has a funny way of alerting us to non-PC events by having it in the news the day after they’ve already held it (Phoenix) if it were a gay parade or pro-immigration thing it would be on the news weeks before urging people to attend. I hope this even in ID is a great success! If it is I bet the news will try to make it out to be nothing big.

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    It reminds me of so many events I’ve seen before. A lot of enthusiasm by a few. A little lethargy and apathy by a lot.
    By way of illustration, graffiti painted on a prominent railway station wall, said: –

    Somebody scrawled under it in signature fashion: – WHO CARES ?

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      And why wouldn’t Australians be apathetic? In Australia tax is paid on tax courtesy of the Howard government.
      Billions of dollars are borrowed by the Australian government, and given to Indonesia who pockets it. Australia is then left to pay back the debt with interest, courtesy of the Gillard government. How stupid is that?
      Australia buys American jets for its airforce to replace the F-111s. Indonesia buys faster Russian MIGS. Australia buys back firearms and automatic rifles. It then gives them to Indonesia. With the billions Australia gives to Indonesia, Indonesia buys landing-craft and builds its military hardware. Indonesia has 250 million Moslems.

      My Regional Council of Toowoomba (recent occurrence) in Australia talks sustainable development and uses an Agenda 21 interlocking rings logo cutout for its own logo, and thinks people are too stupid to recognise it – but there is no doubt of what it is though they deny it. That’s because the Mayor himself is stupid. Community Police exist for the city, which are nothing to do with community or local council – it is a UN controlled thing I have learned, I believe, from Vicky. This ecology sustaining council sprays roadside Lantana thereby destroying that wonderful blue wren and firefly habitat along my property. No more beautiful blue wrens and fireflies. The Agenda 21 Toowoomba Council is killing off the beauty of the ecology it claims to sustain. Professing themselves to be wise they became fools. Romans 1:22.

      In sympathy for the plight of the homeless, the Mayor sleeps out in the open on a cold night in winter (July here). That is a negative thing. He does not negate the plight of one homeless person – he adds himself to the problem. The positive thing to do would be to give a homeless person a bed for the night at the Mayor’s own home. Seeing through the farce yet?

      Are Americans looking to Donald Trump as their Saviour? Isn’t he in favour of abolishing the Second Amendment?
      Is it a bad thing for Obama or Clinton to outlaw firearms, but OK in the trustworthy hands of Trump? No it is not! It is shallow thinking. What if Clinton got to be President following Trump? Then What? Please correct me if I am wrong here.

      Australians are very laid back about it all, because nothing is happening YET ! Only the firecracker can wake them up. TOO LATE ! I think the firecracker explodes when America is disarmed first. You wouldn’t reveal your hand before the ‘sting’ (agenda) is completed.
      Are Americans just going to take it lying down? Or are they waiting for the firecracker down their trousers too – to be lit? As an Australian, I am lighting it now.

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    Hi Vicky, did you attend this meeting? If yes, it would be great to read your comments about what transpired and your opinion (the long version, please) about it.
    As ever, thank you for your posts – I share your site as often as possible.

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      Straight scoop? I think “Great Home Town” and the new group is a corporate buy-out of the opposition to refugee resettlement in Twin Falls. The person leading the opposition to refugee resettlement always had “economic development” and the poor housing conditions for the “refugees” as a background agenda. Her husband (even if to be ex-) is a builder so now he’ll get to build and money will be made. And she gets a job as an Executive Director of nothing but a marketing creation supposedly telling people how they can make their hometown great again which is joke because you have to know where things went wrong before you can make them right again and those answers won’t be found in the “toolkit”.

      And that’s my honest opinion.

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    Thanks, Vicky. The fake ‘solution’ being offered up sounds typically and depressingly Hegelian in a way that is by now horribly familiar to everyone blessedly no longer plugged into the Matrix. Making it look good on the surface seems to be enough to achieve full acceptance and buy-in. As some comments above note, too many people are too apathetic to delve beyond the glittery surface and to the darker agendas at play in the background. Trying to explain how seemingly beneficial policies, organizations and movements are in fact infiltrated and/or Communitarian from inception is essentially an impossible task. Still I continue, but it’s an overwhelming Sisyphean exercise. Keep up the good work!


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