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    laura m.

    Will continue to pass on info. and warn others of the dangers of these invasions and the reasons it’s being pushed by many countries. The E.U. must act fast or it’s all over, if it isn’t already. America and Canada have a short window of time to wake up and stop this madness. Time is running out. Laura Dothan , AL.

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    Ms Davis, brilliant as usual. She needs to be receiving a salary for all of her thankless work.

    I beg to differ on this claim “The bible thumping peaceniks – international socialists –” , Ms Davis, as Socialists and ‘Bible thumpers’ is a contradiction of terms, an oxymoron. The Bible clearly is against any kind of Communism, as it exemplifies all that is evil: covetousness, theft, and doing away with God’s Supreme law of justice. Communists are atheists by design (when I say ‘Communist’ I mean all that entails any flavor of socialism, whether it be Marxism, et alia)

    God does NOT enter covenants with heathen nations. Is Syria a “Godly nation”? What about Central &S. Americas? Besides Cuba, there are nine communist countries – all allies of Cuba, Russia and China. They are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, the Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela. The government of Colombia – President Santos was not an enemy of the left – is trying to establish a pact with the FARC communist guerillas.

    Most of our new Central American immigrants are from Socialist nations: Scripture states that Those Who Do Not Work, Shall Not Eat. 2nd Cor. says :” Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion” I don’t think Americans “gladly” are allowing the IRS to remove one third of each paycheck (compulsory) to pay for those who did not work for it,. That is theft, another Commandment broken. Communism is based on a humanistic and materialistic view on life and is quite atheistic as well – unGodly!

    Socialists, Communists, Fascists, the entire specie – are liars, so whatever principles they claim to be promoting as “Christian duty” is pure baloney, but no one said they are stupid, and they abuse the accusation placed upon us that it is our “Christian duty” to do all we can for the “unfortunate” (quotes intentional, I think they are VERY fortunate, more than you or I that is)

    Funny, because these very peoples they keep trying to populate into our nation do not abide by, nor value, those same principles we value, the ones that garnered the sympathy in order to bring them over here in the first place. Western generosity and sacrifice is a Christian concept, a Western concept. This explains how in our American historical texts non-Western nations are referred to as “heathen” and “savage” lands. Savages push women and children out of immigrant boats as they are to be rescued by the EU . Heathens keep the women and children in the bottom of the boat where they can drown and be trampled upon. Heathens lie and steal to gain, and have little compunction about it. Savages kill other humans, they rape, the consume human flesh. Americans are too gullible. They no longer teach Stanley & Livingstone’s story in history books (the men who entered darkest Africa to END slavery where it started- and teach the Bible to men who practiced cannibalism on their captured enemies) can’t have an educated populace who can recognize humbuggery when presented with it!

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    Readers- I’ve forgotten a link to a well written argument against progressivists and the Church commingling with each other:

    By identifying Christ with a man wearing a perpetual, naive and optimistic smile, they falsify Him.

    Although I am not Catholic, I highly recommend the traditionalist Catholic’s “TraditionInAction” dot org for research as they report and expose quite a bit of the Socialist, Communist, and United Nations agenda and geo-political events that affect us, especially this “new world global village” nonsense.

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      laura m.

      Kristin: Thanks for info. I will get this out to Catholics I know who refuse to leave the church. Some friends were smart enough to ditch these churches, incl liberal protestant like Lutheran (ALC) United Methodists, Presbyterian USA, and other members of the NCC and WCC promoting socialism, immigration etc. These are apostates using the churches for their agendas to incl cultural exchange or Muslim clergy to speak in their pulpits as “guest speakers” promoting Chrislam. In fact, I encourage everyone to leave any 501c3 church as they are muzzled by the IRS/gov and must be P.C. in their sermons. Some more liberal than others, run as businesses and entertainment clubs. Form home churches or in private facilities off gov. radar.

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    Well Vicky, you have just admitted that there is a religious connection that you can see – with communism. But you have been deceived. Religion is the sheepskin that cloaks the wolf.
    The wolf is the satanic church that claims to be an Apostolic, therefore, New Testament church. Revelation 2:2. This church hates the Bible, but claims to be Christian. It hates the Bible because that started the Protestant reformation, weakening its political strength.

    The Devil knows the scripture and trembles. This church uses scripture to identify its designs with the Bible it squares with. It fools plenty. This Church is the red, communistic, Satanic, Roman Catholic Church. This church claims to be Christian (a sheeplike deception) but is the church of Satan. Revelation 2:9/3:9. The use of synagogue for church and Jews for Christians, it conveniently allows to be passed off to foster anti-semitism. But Rev 2:9/3:9 says this church is NOT Jewish. This church is an impostor. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is obviously an impostor. Revelation 2:2 says this impostor church also claims to be ‘apostolic’.
    Since the Jews are not a New Testament Church, they do not and would not claim to be an apostolic, therefore New Testament church. Jews are not Christian, not apostolic and don’t claim to be. Revelation 2:2/2:9/3:9 expose the Roman Catholic Church.

    How does the Roman Catholic Church claim to be ‘apostolic’? Answer: In its Nicene Creed – its statement of beliefs, though fake. I am going to write these Latin words from the Nicene Creed IN LOWER CASE and you watch what happens. Here goes: – ET UNAM SANCTAM CATHOLICAM, ET APOSTOLICAM ECCLESIAM. Do you see what happened? Do it yourself in a reply back to me. What this shows is that this lie is being made big. And if the lie is made big enough the sheople will believe it all the more readily. The translation of it is, again in lower case: – and one holy catholic and apostolic church. It only happens in the Latin. This church certainly has a lot of clout, even on the Internet.

    Why do you think it just so happens that the nine communist South American countries Kristin mentioned are Roman Catholic, including Brazil and Argentina where the Jesuit Pope Francis comes from. The ‘hammer and sickle’ of the so-called atheist Soviet Union on a red flag has a scriptural religious connection from Isaiah 2:4 selected for its overtones of peace on earth. A bronze sculpture of a man beating a sword into a ploughshare or pruning hook or sickle is displayed at the UN buildings’ grounds in New York. Do you think the communist Satanic new world order UN upholds the Bible precepts? The red of Communism is from the Vatican and its willingness to shed blood based on Isaiah 63:1-2. The same goes for the red capes and tonsures (skullcaps) of the cardinals and the Pope’s red shoes. Brutality, war and bloodshed will not cease because all this is a fraud which you are now starting to see. Look past the religion and deception and see the workings of Satan and the Vatican. See the influence of the Vatican on the gerrymandered UN with its strong catholic vote, by the religiously overtoned bronze sculptures and the hammer and sickle pretences of the historically blood-soaked Vatican.

    The Vatican wrote the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ to arouse anti-semitism and to deflect attention away from itself. This covered earlier. The Vatican admitted this and apologized for doing so in Australia over Parliamentary and News Radio on a Friday at 8 AM on 16/1/1997 or 1998 when I heard it. I wrote it on the calendar.

    The Vatican wants to send the Catholic Cross (God calls it a scarecrow) right through the Americas, not just Sth America but Nth America as well. This is called the Columban Mission.
    The Columban Mission is to make all of Nth and Sth America Catholic and subject to the Pope. The Pope uses the duped U.S. Government to fight its religious wars. Was it Karl Marx who said “The Pope has no armies.” Well it has. It sees itself as the HAND Isaiah 47:1,6 in which lies the sword, of the USA and other world armies, which it wields as its crusaders.
    Vietnam was one such war to destroy the un convertible Hindus. Another reason, Nth Vietnam was expelling the Virgin Mary. (Avro Manhattan – Vietnam. Why Did We Go?)

    The mighty USA could not win that bloody war because Victory belongs to God – not to might. Proverbs 21:31. So don’t crusade for the Vatican. The Vatican sees itself as the HAND that wields the World’s armies as its sword. It’s colour is the BLOOD RED of communism.

    The Ten Commandments are composed of Love God (First five): Love your neighbour (last five). Eliminate the first five as the Catholic Church has creates Godlessness. The last five commandments left are the social law. (Maintained by police). Godlessness plus the social law – is Godless Socialism aka Communism. Equally the social law minus God is Godless Socialism. With the Vatican disrupting bible believing Protestantism and puppeteering tCongress and Obama and choking down free speech with political correctness The US could only be described as practically communist – definitely socialist.

    The secretive Vatican practises the deep secrets of Satan and as the Jezebel personified Church, entices its adherents – thinking they are Christian to do so likewise, not knowing that by such practise they are sacrificing their children to Molech. The Children are the eighteen year old soldiers crusading the Vatican’s wishes to bully the world. Many never return to a normal state of mind. It is not their fault either. The deep things of Satan are the secret things of Satan Revelation 2:24 (RSV ‘deep’ other bibles ‘secret’).

    The secret, deep things of Satan occur at the Catholic Mass where ‘food is offered in sacrifice to idols’. Revelation 2:20. Jezebel entices/urges its practice. Revelation 2:20. The Virgin Mary does too in “Crown of Twelve Stars” speaking from heaven in vision to a priest. So Jezebel must be the Virgin Mary personification of that church. The Mass is the sacrifice. The food is communion. The idol is a crucifix (scarecrow Jeremiah 10:5 – Google images of scarecrows).
    Part of the Mass is called the ‘Offertory’ (offering). Jeremiah 10:2 calls these crucifixes “worshipping the way of the heathen”. That ought to be enough.

    Still not convinced. Look at the Georgia Guidestones with its future plan for mankind enumerated. They are signed R. C. Christian. This is nothing to do with biblical Protestant Christianity. The word Chriistian is used falsely by Catholics to deceive. The initials R. C. C. Stand for Roman Catholic Church. This surname Christian means Catholic. The Roman Catholic Church has this Georgia Guidestones plan for the world.

    There is a Satanic religious undertone for the communist NWO dictatorship. You cannot separate out the secular facts if you want the three-dimensional true perspective of the total scene.

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      The Columban mission symbol can be seen on Columban Calendars, the Catholic Cross encompassing the Americas North to South.
      R. C. C. Stands for Roman Catholic Christian. Georgia Guidestones.
      Catholic Action would be the Bible thumping peaceniks – without bibles. Catholic activists.

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      There are two parts of the Mass that have to do with the secret things of Satan which is ‘the eating of food OFFERED in sacrifice to idols. One mentioned was the OFFERTORY. The one I missed out is the SECRET. The sacrifice of the Mass itself is the SACRIFICE which is ‘celebrated’. The function of a priest is to penetrate all secrets – Catholic Encyclopaedia. This Vatican is the sly cloaked and daggered secretive Organization behind the scenes of world affairs bringing about the New World brutal Order.
      These facts are the missing dots behind the picture that you get when you join NOT QUITE ALL THE DOTS. The dots present the sheepskin outside. The missing dots reveal the hidden wolf inside. We can see WHAT is going on. We also need to know WHY and go deeper to find what is at the bottom of it all. Also needed is the LIGHT which shines through the darkness of it all. Satanic ritual is dark religion. The Bible is a scriptural torch of truth. Don’t Get the two confused.


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