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    “Buzzfeed was the news outlet that first published the Trump Dossier when no other news outlet would touch it ”
    Notice how TV news outlets often use Buzzfeed as a source? BUZZfeed?? Isn’t that the site where pre-teens go to find out which Star Trek character they most resemble?
    ” [Trump] considered running for the presidency for the 2008 election…That gave the Deep State eight years to formulate a strategy” Good God- if THIS is all they could conjure up, Trump must be absolutely squeaky clean. Clean as a golden whistle.

    Not sure you read refugee agency stuff Vicky, but this is something interesting

    Look at how this fat slob “Harriet Kuhr” IRC Exec. Director) is dressed. That photo was taken at a Presbyterian church, so she could present a plan for refugees for their city: drab, giant t shirt, drab big fat-lady stretch pants. I notice these communists, especially the women seem to go out of their way to appear… Communist. As in, egalitarian with a capital E. Pi–es me off a church of all places gave her a forum. Now all of the c hristians (small c) will buy into this load. Half the propaganda brainwash work is the source.

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      Vicky Davis

      Harriet Kuhr’s letter is outrageous. The people of Charlotte need to organize to fight back (not that it does any good because the local town officials are bought off).

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    All this is just too complex for me Vicky so I’m glad there are those like yourself digging it all up & sharing. I would never wish to be a politician (or a high-level in our government) because they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, and they cannot be elected unless they make promises (they can’t always keep) to the selfish voter’s wishes. Lower taxes, more jobs, growth, and free stuff, the more they promise the voters the more votes they get. Forget about realism, just tell them what they want to hear. Trump seems far better than most. But now we have a few more days (again) when the government might shutdown because we are broke and the DemoncRATS, Black RINOs, White RINOs, and Religions demand we give amnesty to their illegal invaders (“Dreamers”, aka Nightmares), without a border wall, ending chain migration, or reducing the alien invasion. Anchor babies should not be! Vicky, you are guilty of saying the “I” word! You said “Illegal Alien”, and the AP (Associated Press) banned the use of the term so the mainstream media never uses it. So, thank you for that too! But be careful that our gestapo government doesn’t arrest you on a hate crime charge! Out of the top 5 things that is destroying this country, the alien invasion is one of them! (and especially from the
    Sh*thole countries!)

    Back In The USSR

    Wake Up America

    This Is Not America

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      Vicky Davis

      You missed the part where I said TV News had all the depth of a hen party discussing neighborhood gossip! That was SO politically incorrect it should have been at the top of your list 🙂

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    I listened closely to George W. Bush’s victory speech when he became the President elect back around the year 2000. Clinton had signed America up to the terms of the International Criminal Court whereby American soldiers must be extradited on request for trial over war crimes, regardless of whether their home country considers them innocent of any wrongdoings. George W Bush in his speech proclaimed that no American soldier would ever be dragged into such a court, because he would refuse to ratify the terms of the Rome International Criminal Court, rendering all American defense personnel safe and exempt from the shenanigans of that court. America is party to all those UN treaties, covenants and conventions willingly, but not this one devised by the Rome International Criminal Court. Why?

    I thought that was astute of him and showed promise for his Presidency. Other nations weakly ratified it, placing their defence personnel at the mercy of a foreign Court. But not America.

    I now realize differently. American military personnel have to be exempt to do as ordered by the ‘Power’ that commands their crusades in warfare, unrestricted by rules to stifle other nations, subject to war crimes; for the American military, the strongest, is chosen as the power deployed by the secretive Power above the US of A that rules them despite the sham facade of democracy. This Power is not likely to recruit the boy scouts to purge its opponents of the NWO it is out to establish. And it is a monarchy. World emperor to be its goal. George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush are both exponents of such a NWO. Same treacherous goal.

    Therefore the secretive Power above the perceived power of the Presidency, must have advised Bush not to ratify the Rome International Criminal Court, so as not to involve American troops in war crimes injustice. Rules were only to apply to, and handicap, nations likely needing to be clubbed militarily into submission by the oppressive colossus. American Crusaders absolved of the ICC, are to be free to continue to commit whatever atrocities they are sent to perform on behalf of the real Power above and beyond, even against its own citizens, for the sake of forging the NWO through stealth and unmitigated force.
    The American military remains aloof of the ICC, just as the Power above the house of cards governmental facade and Presidency is not subject to the UN, which it oversees with its keen observer status.

    When Australia ratified in haste, just before the deadline expired – its commitment to the ICC, the last speaker did not contribute to the debate but instead drew the attention of the House to honour the presence of such an important personage as Jesuit priest Fr Tate or Tait SJ in the Public Gallery, who was smugly beside himself for having witnessed proceedings of such a portentous event taking place before his eyes. I no longer vote as democracy is such a farce. Who says majorities are right anyway?

    Noah was a minority – and also was Lot
    When all of Sodom came for a date – out he got.

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      Vicky Davis

      It looks like we followed the same research path but you took it much farther. Good on you. There is something else to research that might shed some light on what Carter Page was doing as an energy consultant. Do you remember Valerie Plame? She was outed during the Bush Administration. She supposedly worked for an energy company called Brewster-Jennings. She was actually a CIA agent.

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      Vicky Davis

      Danny, look at the graphic I just posted. “Integrated Policy” – Energy & Transportation.

      That’s what all of this is about but it gets complex in the implementation globally.


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