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    I just want to say I’ve only today come across your website. Reading your ‘About Me’ page resonated so strongly with me. As a fellow systems analyst my ‘connecting the dots’ journey as been very similar to the experiences you describe. I look forward to reading the wealth of information you’ve put together on your websites. I know how difficult the course is. Keep going.. it’s incredibly important what you are doing.

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      Vicky Davis

      Butterflies, thank you. I don’t encounter too many systems analysts in this work. It’s too bad. We need all hands on deck to sort out this rolling disaster we have going on. I’m glad you found my website.

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    This is fantastic Vicky. You know, even the average person can garner dribs and drabs of what is going on with trade deals. A trip to the grocery store will show it- why are we importing apple juice from China (70% of all our apple juice is Chinese)? and garlic? Gilroy CA is the garlic capitol of the world. Why are we importing seafood.. from India and Bangladesh (of all places!) even after fraud, FDA gives Ranbaxy another deal.
    The refugee flood is part of it too- these initiatives are United Nations-born and wealth redistribution is part of it. One World, One Ghetto. Vicky- a tool I use to get others involved and interested is during casual conversation, someone may bring up a complaint about Chinese food imports, or the state of our bridges, I send them a link to your site. I must say your articles have done more to educate than any others I’ve seen online. It’s not easy to put the pieces of the puzzle together, especially when the instructions are written in a “foreign language”- reminds me, on Larry Elder radio show last week, a woman caller-in made a notable statement- that these organizations form their plans and speeches using language and words that we define differently than they define them, so we end up misunderstanding their goals and meanings. We assume the ostensible meanings, when the real goals are quite different. Anyway- my point being, you’ve managed to put it all into “English” and connect the dots as well. Not easy. Thank you.


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