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    Jeanne Arnzen

    Please do not let the sale of Avista go through to Hydro One. It would certainly be bad for Idaho. It is not in our best interest. Our rates are high now. Hydro One has the highest rates in Canada.

    Please cancel this sale.

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      Vicky Davis

      I hope you file that comment with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission as well. They are the ones who will make the decision. At the bottom of the article is a link where you can make that comment.

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    “sovereignty cannibalizing North American Regulatory structure” This is the major issue here! America is THE greatest country on Earth. Our food: top quality. Buildings: safety regulations, code enforcement, earthquake/hurricane proofing in areas subject to those disasters- fire exits, smoke alarms. Our escalators and elevators are subject to inspection and don’t eat people and limbs like the ones in China do regularly.
    Streets: designed for traffic flow- our police force is one of, if not the least corrupt in the globe. Our autos are designed with safety in mind.

    Our Public Utilities have the citizens rights in mind. Our privacy laws, and laws that protect us we’ve come to know and accept as de riguer (sp?). When the global corporations come in, they don’t just BUY the company- it will be altered from the inside out- PERMANENTLY. This buy is designed to ALTER the PUC and our utilities completely, from within.

    What if our USDA were purchased by China? Don’t you think our food quality and laws protecting us would suffer under the consequences?? This is just the same. This isn’t about patriotism, it’s about changing our COUNTRY by it’s laws and very structures.

    Yes Vicky I WILL pass this on to as many as I can.

    PS- Ive told you, & it’s off topic to this article- but may be useful to readers-

    How to have your Smart Meter removed as I did- quickly and nicely:

    Write or email your utility- tell them the meter “interferes with licensed equipment” that is the wording you must use. Smart meters communicate using NON-licensed ((non-licensed is not unethical or illegal, it’s just a legal term the FCC uses- your kid’s walkie talkies use unlicensed bands) frequencies: Part 15 & Part 19 of the FCC’s regulations. Part 15, and/or Part 19 transmitters can *not* interfere with licensed equipment- i.e., amateur radio, any licensed radio/transmitter/receiver. You’ll see this same wording on the backs of telephones, any type of radio equipment, you can also just search online or visit You might need not supply the utility with the license number of the equipment you claim is getting interference. I didn’t. I still have the email communications from when I first requested my local utility remove /replace the offending meter. They came and replaced it within 24 hours after receiving my request. In fact I haven’t had them remove the smart meter I have at my new address, and I need contact them ASAP, it’s a spying tool is what it is, and I don’t like the method used to switch power on and off using the Smart technology.

    Thank you Vicky and thank you for the email alerts to your articles as well. I really appreciate them.

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      Vicky Davis

      And the bad news is that I think the USDA has been bought by China (or some other country).

      This is the link I meant to give you:

      That’s an excellent idea Kristin. We need to find out what equipment operates at the same frequency as the meters – and buy whatever it is and then complain 🙂


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