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    Vicky, this is BIZARRE. So, they went into your (WordPress) account, and removed files – AND altered content on YOUR site! I had NO idea this was even possible. No way! Sigh.. you know, I almost wish you were someone more controversial, someone with a large Twitter following- so this could become more popular.
    There is probably some (very) small print on GoDaddy’s TOS and Privacy Agreement page that if not overtly warns of this, will imply this. The crappy support you got? The “no answer”? I know three people who work for GoDaddy. Two of them are ex-convicts, with felony convictions. The 3rd person is an in-law of mine and had zero technical experience before being hired there. They take anyone. You need to call them again, and ask to speak to a supervisor- not one of the supervisors who supervises the call center floor- which is the first person the tech support agent will escalate your call to, but a *real* person – someone in a higher level technical support (if they have such a thing as a higher level support) if not, ask to get transferred to their legal department. I’m sure you probably already know, if ANY thing related to “legal” is mentioned on a call to support, it will immediately end any interactions between you and whomever is on the line with you- & get your call transferred over to “Legal”- an extension at GoDaddy which most likely goes to a voice mail. LEAVE a message on it, don’t just hang up. They will contact you. If no response in a reasonable time frame, KEEP CALLING. This is key- you may get someone on the line who knows what they’re talking about. Remember, this is a call center you will be calling, so you will have to be wise to the proper hoops to jump through to get to the right person, and the right tooth to pull to get an answer.

    I am floored this happened- I’ve never heard of content very selectively being removed from a WordPress account. Incredible.

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      Sorry- I want to add, that before you ask for legal dept, or bring up anything in conversation with the word “legal” in it, seek higher level support FIRST. Once you’re call’s been transferred to their legal department YOU CAN NO LONGER SPEAK TO ANYONE ELSE at GoDaddy until further notice- or maybe never. Your account will be flagged with “CONTACT LEGAL DEPARTMENT” so if you do call again, no one may speak to you. So- exhaust all other options first- before going to a cyber-black hole. I will assume that dept consists of a small group of call center agents who merely pass on information to a paid contract attorney or corporate office of theirs, and then some form answer is provided to you, in due time.

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        Vicky Davis

        Thank you for that info. Good to know that if I do that, I’ll have find a new ISP. I’ll probably just fill out the comment card and upload new copies of the modified files because I might get myself more involved in Mary’s complaint and doing anything with the IPUC is a major undertaking.

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      Vicky Davis

      They didn’t remove content, they modified three files, creating a backups first. When I said I was erased, I was talking about the Idaho Public Utilities Case file. My complaint is buried behind Bonnie Menth’s case. Anybody who browses the case files sees only her case – not mine. Mine was substantial and Idaho Powers responses were lies, misdirection and/or they ignored the evidence. My favorite of one of their responses was that the “issue wasn’t ripe yet”.

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        AH ok. How did I confuse everything?? Granted I was reading it at almost 2am. I totally shared your page with the implication they removed files and content! lol Durr.

        The Smart Meter PUC thing COULD be mere stupidity on the person(s) who handle those complaints/cases, lobbing them together like that as if many complaints were just one. Everything in city/county/public entities is done in assembly line/conveyor belt fashion – and everything has to go through specific channels – just like the military: if it doesn’t have Box 207-A checked, it will go into the Box 207-X file, and so on (example) For instance: I complained to our local police dept regarding a local issue. The missive got passed on to someone else, who then wrote me back saying I had to fill out a form on a (third party! Corporatism!) website that THEN sends that info to their TIPs line, which THEN is forwarded to the same police department I contacted in the first place.

        Then again, YOUR case with the PUC very WELL could have been “mis-filed” or buried, simply on the suspicion they didn’t want to do any real work. This is my “best case scenario”. It also could very well have been buried purposely, to avoid the very issue.

        Vicky- night before last, our power went out at 445am. It awakened me, and I have emergency lights that come on if/when there’s a power outage. I have all important contact phone numbers right by my (landline) telephone: SRP Electrical Outages is on that list. At exactly 447am, after seeing the entire residential street I am on also without power, I contacted SRP to alert of outage. “Well… oh.. we’ve not received any other calls on that.. I don’t see reports coming up..” Well yeah! Who else in my city HAS their number handy, AND lighting handy when power is out at 445am? Power out 2.5 hours. NO reports of accidents, poles down, copper wire thefts- nothing. They had no answer. This has happened before, once during our 119F degree summer. *I* think it’s a test. Same test they did in 2015? was it? NYC and San Fran suffered simultaneous power outages- never explained cause.

        I do not know if our power also would have gone out had I had Smart Meter removed- I am about to contact them right now to remove it (I haven’t yet at our new address.. simple laziness & lack of free time)

        Before they DO remove it, I am going to cover it with a jerry-rigged Faraday cage.

        Using RTL-SDR receiver, on my laptop also using my digital scanner Custom Search, I get hits on the 900MHz frequencies. I suspect it’s their meter (I put this out there just for FYI’s for those interested). I also read their meters use “frequency hopping” technology. There is NO license for their frequencies they use- this is important. Licenses are bureaucratic, they can cost real money, and are a huge pain and subject to laws, regulations and FCC snooping. Utilities “ain’t got time for that”. Anything UN-licensed must CEASE operating when interferes or degrades LICENSED eqpt- such as, I can’t start my own radio station and it interferes with KJZZ or KTAR. I can’t use a transmitter that makes noise on our local amateur radio/ham guys radio (ham guy is licensed!) if MY ham radio causes static on your TV, guess who gets precedence? Ham radio. Licensed. TV isn’t. By the way, if this did happen in real life, your only option is to fix your cheap TV so it won’t get interference, or ask the ham guy to help you figure out how to avoid interference.

        Vicky I very much apologize for this novel-length comment, and for fouling up your story!
        I added all that info on radio frequency stuff to help anyone who might want that information, you included. It’s way below the importance of your issue, I know, but maybe those bits of information can help somewhat, I hope.

        Contact someone DIRECTLY at the PUC, what’s that adage, scratch the right back? Bark up the right tree? getting a human being in the right office may or may NOT resolve your issue. It could very well be the RESULT of it getting to the “right person”!



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