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    Vicky I was unable to access this site yesterday, got a WordPress error, I guess you were working on it.

    ” it was actually more about setting up an IT System that can only be defined as a global governance system” Ostensible motives given, ulterior (aka “real) reasons are realized in the outcomes. You wrote about this in fascinating detail in “Benghazi Bamboozle”. I think this corona bullsh*** will be used to create our new ID, no? Will we have a COVID ID? or will COVID just be one trojan horse they use to get us in on a national ID? Sat in bed last night wondering, if it were possible if those sea line cable breaks way back in 2008 that took a big chunk of the world offline, that is “off global” , were deliberate acts perpetrated by a group, political or no, and if so, were they the “good guys”? Was it the same “good guys” who prevented Hillary’s IT system from being implemented in LIbya? Were these guys(?) individuals working in a concerted effort under aegis of a group or coalition? So many questions and so much hope. The basis of conspiracy themes is World Power/World Control. No instant global communication no instant global control I would guess.

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      My website was down for about 3 days because of a WordPress update that caused problems with the plugins. I had a hard time restoring it.

      It’s always been my thinking that the purpose of the mandatory jab is to establish a unique medical ID for a global system of medical information (global health). Actually it will be a national system of medical records that is accessible globally.

      I wish it were as simple as cutting the fiber optic cables. The people may be cut off but the criminals of the global systems will still have satellite communications. There is no fix for this global disaster except to address the real problems directly. Just off the top of my head, that means outlawing global foundations; no corporate funding of foundations; and take down the ones that exist now. Governments around the world will all have to do the same thing. A government that doesn’t protect the regular people from the wealthy and powerful becomes the agent of control of the regular people for the purposes of the wealthy and powerful. That’s where we are now. I hope people figure it out soon because our world is being destroyed and there won’t be any fix for it if they are allowed to succeed.

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      Have you seen this video documentary? It’s excellent.

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    Check out Molina Healthcare

    Page 11 shows a chart that has the entire state mapped out in REGIONS just like all the other states
    8 Regions no doubt that are all represented by COG’s

    Molina serves millions of Medicaid recipients in 15 states

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      The passport is your entre into a trap. Did you notice that just about everything requires pre-authorization? Why would they give you a reward for showing up for an appointment and “making healthy choices”? The inverse is punishing you when you don’t. That will be the next phase after the trap door slams shut.

      Medicaid recipients are easily captured because they don’t pay for it so the government can hand them over to a private company for administration.

      Notice One-Stop (Shop). T

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        Yes I agree thought you might find this interesting

        I used to work for Molina too
        And Coventry Health Care which used to be known as HealthAmerica before Conventry bought them out
        They used a system called AIX (IBM) written in mumps
        Conventry has since been bought out by Aetna

        CHAMPUS is huge as well it is all the military medical claims

        I also worked with a third party adminstrator called CDS of which was a spin off of Deloitte and Touche (they are in inner city london)
        We worked on behalf of state medicaid agencies to recoup money for the state from so called private insurers and we were paid 7% of whatever we recouped
        This is how I got started in the work of Electronic Data Enterchange, EDI

        When I started we mailed thousands of paper claims to carriers, all of them in an attempt to recoup money which medicaid paid when they are always the payor of last resort
        The data was an absolute mess and so was the printing of the data on the HCFA1500 (fee for service office visit forms) and the UB92 (hospital admission and stay billing form)
        I worked to load that data to database tables with programmers to where when we did print the forms that they were printed correctly and I also worked to route the claims to the correct insurance offices for payment
        It was huge and I mean huge

        We obtained all electronic elegibility data form all the carriers and housed it and we bumped medical claims data up against the carrier files for matches to bill out to the carrier – COB, coordination of benefits

        When I first started everything was paper and I helped these mofo’s map all this shit and eventually helped set them up to send all of this stuff electronically and get paid electronically too for both Medicare and Medicaid
        Another outfit that does this is PCG Public Consulting Group – I worked for them under CDS and then later on was employed directly by them

        FEP is known as Federal Employee Benefits

        Girl I could tell you so much it would make your head spin in electronic data and medical claims

        And I worked in logistics as well – both industries is what they are working over and running through the coals right now

        As folks become ‘unemployed’ they apply for these so called ‘benefits’ and this is how they will enslave the masses one unemployed desperate person or whole families at a time
        They have absoultely no idea the role the so called states play in this game and I think most of the folks who work for the state and the godvernments haven’t a clue either
        If you do not understand how these fucking machines and this data game (funny sounds a lot like the dating game) works you will not see what you and I see

        If you should ever want to discuss in more detail guess we could exchange emails or phone numbers
        Being that absolutely nothing is ‘private’ they capture all data and no way to hide any of it
        Even these so called VPS’s and all this other shit is nothing more than a smoke screen and a service they can charge you for
        Like their LifeLock BULLSHIT

        Only way to get out is to drop all communications, emails, phones etc etc etc
        It is truly a world wide web of nothing but deceit and lies


        Thule Air Force Base is there. Of course this is supposed to be Antarktica but is it?
        He has a blog too


        And all ties in to BURNING MAN


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