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    Brilliant, no comment. As an aside you warned of this ten years ago in one of your Dear Diary/Vicky Rants on the future of our medical care, I can’t remember which one exactly, but you mentioned high school dropouts or something being our medical carers:

    “Sixteen students at an Indianapolis area high school were accidentally injected with small doses of insulin during a tuberculosis test Monday, the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township reported.

    In a statement on its Facebook page, the school district said medical personnel from Community Health Network were testing 16 students for TB when it was discovered the youths were accidentally injected with insulin. As soon as administrators discovered the error, the students were transferred to local hospitals for observation, according to the statement.” Source

    It is anticipated that all students will be released Monday evening, school district Director of Communications Dr. Dana Altemeyer said.

    “The MSD of Lawrence Township has a long-standing and strong partnership with Community Health Network,” the district said in a statement. “We have full confidence that the events of today are isolated in nature and will be addressed swiftly by the Community Health Network.”

    The students, who are part of a health sciences program at McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology, were required to get a TB test and a flu shot before on-site clinical experiences, said Altemeyer said.

    “Community Health Network is committed to patient safety and is working closely with MSD of Lawrence Township to determine the cause of error and evaluate processes,” said Community Health Network in a statement. “The safety of the students in our care is top priority.”

    I do hope your old ChannelingReality site is extant for a long time, it is a wealth of data. There is a program that will download an entire website to be saved to a hard drive, I should look into that.

    According to the school district website, Community Health Network has been working with the school district for about eight years.”

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      Vicky Davis

      I found out the Community Health Centers are the creation of the Public Health System. In Idaho, the Public Health System is privatized so I assume that across the country, they are privatized. I do believe the Public Health System has been infiltrated. They are part of the global system separate from our system of health care. (PH to CDC to WHO).

      I don’t believe for one second that the students were accidentally injected with insulin. That’s ridiculous – unless they were using non-English speaking (either foreign or uneducated natives) who were using the students for practical experience (guinea pigs for training) perhaps with a little “accidental” medical research thrown in. Question: What happens to healthy young people who receive injections of insulin? Now we know.

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        Oh absolutely did they do it on purpose. Or, as you say, foreign morons (sorry, I meant foreign morons hired specifically for this sort of thing) Speaking of- why do we allow foreigners to get away with crimes we would not tolerate of our own nationality??
        Valley ‘anesthesiologist’ Dr. Goyal exposed by ABC15

        An Arizona dentist, who was recently convicted of forging his anesthesia credentials, has been teaching sedation and actively participating in the treatment of patients, according to multiple witnesses and video obtained by ABC15. …. Goyal’s case continues to highlight a deeply-broken system in Arizona, and across the country, that lets medical impostors evade accountability and put people at risk.(link to impostor doctors – special investigation by local news)

        Real doctor “Ganesh Murthy” fails to get any charges in bizarro hit & runs

        I can’t put my finger on it- but it’s along the lines of when I called police on a neighbor who let a methed out dude park his giant RV in her yard, but it was partially on my property and crushing my plants that ran along a planter, also on my property. The officers who arrived to deal with it sided with weirdo druggies/criminals instead of civilized member of society. The attending officer also misquoted the law(s) stating it was “not against the law to park and/or live in an RV in Phoenix” No it is not against the law, but he went so far as to give me more made-up-in-his-head “laws” which were the opposite of the law. I contacted the police info desk to let them know of it and was hung up on. This is an example of what our country’s become- a 3rd world shit hole. Anything goes! No medical license? Who cares, go ahead and practice. Your senile grandparents are being raped by Congolese men that nursing homes hire to bathe our elderly.

        By the way Vicky I got hip to the “fake doctors” thing, the community health issue as a direct result of reading your channeling reality site. That issue alone would fuel just one website dedicated to the topic.


          Vicky Davis

          We do have a two-tiered legal system in this country. Americans are held to the letter of the law but foreign imports are above it. That very thing is the reason why a friend asked me to see what I could find out about the refugee program. He had a friend in Boise who lived near a refugee resettlement group home. I was told they couldn’t leave anything out – even in their own yard because it would be stolen. One day he caught one of them in his garage rummaging around looking for things to steal. The guy called the police but the police wouldn’t arrest the guy.

          On the fake doctor thing – all the cases of fake doctors I’ve seen, they’ve mostly been from India. I watched a debate in the Senate about lowering the standards for doctors so that they could bring more in from foreign countries.

          Our country is so upside down, it makes me think that perhaps our public officials are under some kind of threat. If that’s the case, they should have just said – let it fly and we’ll deal with the consequences.


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