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    Harold poole

    Such horsecrap,, thank Goefor the EPA. As anybody who’s head has not been up their rectum has seen the very reason the EPA exist. The massive cancer rates and poisened childen of love canal and many other toxic waste sites left by unregulated business and people before the EPA. NOT TO MENTION THE ORANGE RIVERS DEVOID OF FISH OR CONTAMINATED SO BAD THEY GIVE YOU SORES ON YOUR BODY. , Or the actual Ohio River that caught fire,. Real embarrassment for business being a Stewart of the planet. The coal waste dumps everywhere. My God,. Radioactive housing plans cause of poor planning and no oversite from the EPA. So you are just a puppet of extraction and corporate greedy who in search of profit will kill all life. Thank God For the EPA and other tireless warriors who sacrifice abuse for fighting to keep these corporate trash from poisening your !ids

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      Vicky Davis

      Have you traced the history of the EPA? I suspect not. We did not have massive environmental damage until it became profitable to clean up messes. The EPA has been turned into an agency engaged in regulatory racketeering and an “off-books” funding mechanism for marxists.

      When I was growing up, I never heard about children having cancer except for the occasional case of leukemia. Now… after 45 years of oversight by the EPA, we have exploding cases of cancer among children, we have incredible environmental disasters – such as when that incompetent idiot from the EPA, Mathy Stanislaus managed the “clean up” that dumped old mining waste water into the Animas River. 45 years of oversight by the EPA… what the hell happened? Can you figure it out? I really doubt it.

      Take your (red) green flag elsewhere. You might be a sucker for the bullsh*t but I’m not.


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