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    Guys- I read a book by T. Marrs “Hillary Clinton Big Sister Is Watching You” published way back in 1993. While I don’t agree with Marrs on plenty of things, I do like how he’s described the socio-fascist plot of the government, at the time of writing it was the Clintons: Stealing people’s land claiming it’s to protect the sacred environment. . Using environmentalism as a political cover. Hillary said we need to “rethink what it means to be a human” ummm.. as opposed to what exactly. She means, she wants us to think “community”. Every time you hear the word “community”, or, another UN favorite euphemism: “village”, replace it with the word “State”. It takes a STATE to raise a child. Anyway, Marrs calls it the “New World Order” I call it the UN’s global system plan. He writes about the Rio “Earth Summit” in 92, which was to map out the plan to do a massive P.R. campaign to re-educate the mass mind. They set up the World (conservation) Bank, using US taxpayers money to grab title to millions of acres of wilderness lands around the globe, especially USA (like the Bundy Ranch hello). His (Marrs) audience is esoteric to the Christian believers in the rapture theory, which unfortunately will turn away most people, anyway my point is not a review of this book but the fact this information has been around a while, and the public is JUST getting whiffs of it here and there, because they believe the news. Well, they KIND of believe the news, that is, they think they are given the facts with a spin, all they have to do is try to ignore the “spin” part so they can figure out the real story for themselves. They CAN’T figure it out, because they are lied to about all of it.

    This whole SILENT COUP D’ETAT (stole that phrase from Vicky) is a perfect example of the US Govt which needs another coup d’etat by the people, the people who should perform their duty to protect the Constitution of the United States. On “Democracy in America”, which is acted out in a series of radio plays on (which see) in one episode These fourteen, thirty-minute episodes follow Tocqueville and his companion, Gustave de Beaumont, from their landing in New York in May of 1831 through their departure nine months later, with the final episode twenty years later. The series is an educational one, produced Division of General Education of New York University in conjunction with the Fund for Adult Education

    Highly entertaining, in one episode I fondly recall has Alexis, his character a French tourist, asks a stranger on the street “where is your army?” (as was in France, the military were the police for the people at the time) the man answers him: ” the people are armed. We have a right- No, a duty, to be armed, to protect ourselves and our compatriots from enemies foreign and domestic” Not just a right, a duty!

    It is OUR duty to bring these examples of treason to attention to the people. Vicky Davis is the best example I have yet to see of an American patriot. I have heard the word patriot bandied about, and then thought it rather cornball, but I am using the word in it’s best definition. She is bringing very important information to the public’s eye, it needs to be addressed, talked about.

    Do not buy into the Communist admonition that one “must not discuss politics or religion”. Nice way of controlling people so they can’t bring about any changes. We must talk about it. Talk about it! Talk about it with family, co-workers, with friends. We must *not* tolerate the intolerable, you know. that is another word they’ve stolen from us- “tolerate” a word which meant put up with something you don’t like, but the people think it means accept anything no matter how bizarre or repulsive. We shall not tolerate bad behavior, nor should we repeat the bozo hippy mantra “live and let live”.
    Those UN people really are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They make all these loving kind claims, and use words like “humanitarianism” and “Woman’s Health” and “equality” but if you read what they are doing it is exactly the opposite. Woman’s health is abortion and birth “control”. “Village” is globalism. Humanitarian acts is bringing in slave labor and stealing from citizens to feed those slaves.

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      Thank you Kristin for recognizing what I do. My reward is when you share it with others. Waking people up is exponential.


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