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    Brilliant. And for what it’s worth, I had no idea we were dead LAST in trade deficits out of all 199 nations and -$481,200,000,000 in the hole. I doubt I am the minority in this tidbit.

    Husband warned me a few years ago that a “service-based economy cannot survive” and that the US is trading it’s goods and manufacturing for service, i.e. existing only on paper, or in his words “fake jobs” for real jobs, that is jobs that create a tangible things. For those with any bit of sense it is a system designed to fail. There is NO way on Earth the ones who offered up this plan were, are, unaware of its eventual consequences.

    Even those who are blind to the nuts and bolts of its existence can see it plainly, and how it affects them directly- for one example. I’d gone on Amazon in search of a garden water fountain. Simple enough- I got pages and pages of oddly-named Chinese branded piece of junk at around 12 dollars or so. That’s all I got in results: no American made ones, not even European made, just Chinese crap, pages and pages. I spent around 45 minutes just trying to find ONE decent made fountain, there’s about three I could find and they were over 150.00 each. No middle ground, it’s either poorly made junk from China, or prohibitively expensive American ones. It’s everywhere- clothes, cars, everything.

    In one Alabama town one in four working-age adults is on SSDI. They were told to get on it instead of welfare. I think it’s a conspiracy, a communist conspiracy to get everyone on the dole, all paid by the government and we’ll all be poor. The article is in an NPR piece called Unfit For Work the Startling Rise in Disability (I know, NPR right?)

    I wish more people would read this piece. I think people are catching on, but I don’t think they’re looking for answers in the right places.

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      The way the trade agreements were structured was that they made it possible for the corporations of developed countries to move offshore and then to import back into the U.S. with no penalty. That’s why we have the biggest deficit. It was by design. It appealed to the financial sector because they were financing the export of our economy (outward Foreign Direct Investment) while at the same time, being able to take advantage of the destruction – fire sale prices to buy discarded assets in the U.S. It appealed to the tech industry because it created a global market for technology as they wired the world. The big losers in all of are the American people. We were literally mugged and our country is being looted. They are running out of pots of money to loot so that’s why they are seriously going after the schools now.

      I was just watching the first meeting of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE – aka Helsinki Commission) that I’ve seen on C-Span. They were talking about Russia and Putin.

      Russia Under President Vladimir Putin

      I came in a couple of minutes late to the program but it was just in time to hear the guy from Radio Free Europe speak. It was bizarre because everything he said about Russia, I would say about the United States – same corruption here as there. It’s just that nobody is talking about the corruption here. The RFE guy wrote an article titled Corruption is the New Communism:

      As I was listening to one of them talk about the small front companies that somehow manage to become very influential, the thought occurred to me that what we might have is the Chicago mafia, Las Vegas mafia, Florida mafia and New York-Russian mafia all teamed up in this strategy of corruption that was conceived during the Clinton Administration. The small front companies are “high tech” hipster companies reminiscent of the dot.compost companies. I suspect however, that they wield influence because they implement the control systems for our critical infrastructure. Water, waste water, electricity and energy services, 911 services, etc. But that’s all theory that would require more on-the-ground research.

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      Kristin, I was just reading through some other things I wrote a while back to be able to compile information on Agenda 21. I found a reference to a Congressional hearing from 1967 in which the expert witness testified that our trade policy should be to de-industrialize the developed nations.

      On Day 3, Aurelio Peccei (co-founder of the Club of Rome) testified:

      It would be easier to read the article I wrote than to read his testimony in the congressional record. Here is the link to the article:

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        Aurelio Peccei’s dreams came true! “for the future. M.I.T. of Boston is studying a project for making the electronic computer
        a public service, like the distribution of energy: a large city or regional centre would be
        set up; each user would submit to it his problems using a simple typewriter and the
        telephone; he would obtain an immediate answer, just as today the light comes on at
        the turn of a switch. Another example is electronic industrial design, also under study:” he was describing a system in 1965. Pretty nascent guy, him.
        In the NAU paper “Page 14 – “To promote trade to the benefit of developing countries, in the order of magnitude which would be required, we must accept in practice not only in principle, the need for an international redistribution of labor and production. The principle has been heralded forcefully and insistently, but the practice has not yet been adopted, if not in a token measure”. Right there the redistribution of labor & production, that means wealth really because from labor comes wealth. I was just reading a paper by a guy which was published over 150 years ago, now I can’t find it- but anyway, same thing- you can’t have prosperity and growth without LABOR. He stressed that it didn’t matter how brilliant a person is, or how many geniuses are in a group, that without industry there will be failure. It was stated not as a theory but as fact, and what I am seeing here in what the UN plans, and what our leaders plan is this utopian fake-world of “ideas and innovation” and the real work being done in 3rd world. Change that, it’s not “what I see” it is what they are telling us. Problem is no one’s reading it, or seeing it, because they are not getting this in their headline news.

        I am interested in this Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. They do not appear to me to be promoting the whole UN/global initiatives propaganda which I assumed was/is universal to all broadcasting.


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