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    “if nations do not act to equalize resources” ““current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable. A shift is necessary which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system including the United Nations.” MIDDLE class. Notice that? Not upper class, not lower class! But middle classes: what’s so repugnant to them about the middle classes??

    When they do that “equalization” scheme, those speakers ought to be the first on the list. I would love to see the look on their faces when illiterate unwashed sub-Saharans lumber in to some UN officials’ Swiss villa to start unloading crap off their fireplace mantels.

    Air conditioners? What is SO bad about them?? do they think that energy in itself is a finite resource? that we can “use up” all the energy, and not leave any for.. for whom? Them?

    Even after reading UN documents and releases ad nauseam, I still can’t grasp the contempt they seem to hold for these “middle class” they love to bring up all the time. Anyone have a guess?

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      Could it be they want a return to the old world feudal system of serfs and barons? I think so. No thinking allowed. Just command and obey or cop a whipping. I actually read about this yesterday September 8th. A very fascinating read. This is about retarding the earth with no education to keep any bright upstarts ignorant. Education only for the nobles ( ‘nasi’ in Hebrew), the elite. This is not about advancement of the earth. Just keeping the masses down with no rising middle class.

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    And Germany, an advanced developed nation, tops the list, ahead of China. The USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada all at the tail of the list. What goes? Germany must be an exception to the rule, or were not silly enough to ratify devious UN treaties, conventions and covenants.
    As for newspeak, Snyder’s list on what comprises a terrorist, made me realize I was one of them, many times over by listed definition. That is when I realized what a TERRIFIC guy I really was. Now consult a Concise Oxford Dictionary for the meaning of ‘terrific’. It is an adjective that has to do with ‘causing terror and terrible. Yet ‘terrific’ is supposed to describe a ‘great guy’.
    Anyone who measures up to this yardstick terrorist list must be a terrific person.
    If everybody was a terrific person, they would measure up to Snyder’s Terrorist List in leaps and bounds. By definition Obama and Hillary fail the test miserably – not terrific, but they do terrorize me. I’ve got Hillaryphobia and Obamaphobia. Quite normal behaviour according to the ‘Shrink’.

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      That’s an interesting tidbit I didn’t know about Germany. It strengthens my conviction that the United States actually lost World War II – Germany and communism won.

      I haven’t seen Snyder’s list. I’ll have to find it to see if I qualify. I suspect I probably do.

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        Vicky, I assure you, you are a terrific lady too, according to Michael Snyder’s terrorist list. Here is the link:

        As well as Germany, you’ll notice Japan is in the top ten too. Fabians realize that if you cannot take a country by force, do it by stealth and in particular infiltrate and control the government of the country. Also, a step at a time, do it gradually. Speak acceptable things the electorate likes to hear. Say nothing that gives away the dark agenda purposed. Too many people listen to what is said policy wise as taught. Instead people need to listen for what is NOT said. Multiculture and UN laws never are made an election issue, for instance, until you are outnumbered and outgunned electorally speaking. Democracy is manipulated till it wins. The UN itself is a gerrymander. This too is a way to defeat aboveboard democracy (the gerrymander).

        Noah was a minority – and also was Lot
        When all of Sodom came for a date – out he got

        You must have heard the story about the Old Bull and the Young Bull. A herd of cows were grazing in the valley below the high hill where an old bull and a young bull stood watching.
        The young bull said, “Dad. Look at all them cows down there. Let’s race down and take a few.”
        The old bull said, “Steady on son. We’ll just saunter down and take them all.”

        I hope you now understand how Fabian gradualism works. The tortoise (its symbol) wins out in the end.
        Enjoy checking out Snyder’s List.

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        It was the U. S. manufacturing ability that helped win Round One and Round Two of the World Wars. But if Round Three occurs the fight will be won by a knockout, because, as I understand it, the US has no more manufacturing ability. Winning a couple of battles has not won the total war.
        If you want to know how wars and battles are won, check out Proverbs 21:31 (RSV). ” The horse is made ready for battle, but the victory belongs to God.” But God is no longer ‘cool’ for most Americans, especially Obama.
        Then check out “The Angels of Mons”. There are also similar reports about the Six Day War fought and won by Israel in 1967.


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