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    But they don’t mind spraying the shit (no nicer word available) out of everything to kill the low canopy flora with the deadliest weedicides, which habitat being the habitat of small birds by the hundreds and fireflies by the millions causes them to perish as well as rainforest exotic plants. The weedicide becomes secondarily a pesticide wiping out not just weeds, This is environmental destruction of flora and fauna. Hypocrisy.
    I used to work for the forestry in Queensland, Australia. A grassy spinifex type plant, but not, called grass-tree now, but used to be called Blackboy grows there. It is a clump that builds on itself till it gets to four or five feet tall over many many years perhaps a hundred. So it has a trunk that over time gets burnt black from forest fires or burn offs. But the grassy spinifex type ‘hat’ keeps coming back as its hat.
    Blackboy was banned as its name, and replaced with the name Grass-tree. When land was cleared, the Blackboy was knocked down and uprooted. They grew fairly thickly everywhere, spaced about ten feet apart. It was made a protected species.
    Well Blackboy – I’m pro choice here, so I still call it that instead of grass tree – grew all over some Forestry ground that was designated for tree planting.
    I looked at the prepared ground for planting. The Forestry was still a State Labour (Democrat greenie) government department. To my utmost surprise Blackboys lay everywhere, these highly protected species. It was a massacre, a war scene. Blackboys lay everywhere.
    An election was due. I took two or three mutilated specimens to my Local Member of Parliament with photographs of the spectacle, so she could shame and blacken the faces of the greenie crew that made the Blackboy a protected species. She was in opposition to the Greenie Labor Government, but while time was left before the election. She did not do anything. What she did do was send a letter saying both sides of Parliament oppose each other on the streets and in the newspapers, but vote the same way when in Parliament.
    She was an exception to this farce of course, being an Independent who was there to see it.
    What do I care? I refuse to vote. Democracy is taking Americans and Australians downhill one step at a time. One election at a time. Did Americans vote as colonies in 1745 when they were on the rise?
    Tell me that.
    When the Municipal Local government became regionalized, things have gone backwards. An International Airport was built in Toowoomba without Public Approval. Without even being brought to their attention, which was illegal. But the logo for the Council which is not Constitutional by the way, was a set of intertwined rings, white and green.
    Later I became aware of the Agenda 21 Logo. Then I realized the Council Logo was a biopsy of that Agenda 21 Logo. But quite by accident without their knowledge?
    Thirteen local councils were voraciously amalgamated, without consulting the people.
    A competition was held for the Council Logo to be.
    The artist who won it must have been inspired as to what was going to win. He intertwined bits of circles that encased thirteen bits of green centres where you could see through the intertwined circles. They got away with it un-noticed for awhile. Then abruptly I saw through it.
    I went to the Council, fronted the counter where none of the Council receptionists knew anything about it, but rang through to a Councilllor for an explanation of the Logo for me.
    The competition and winning artist was expounded as the drivel to keep the public in the dark.
    There is no doubt that that Council’s Logo is the Agenda 21 Logo in portion. And the artist who won the competition was oblivious to the plagiarism, while the Council who pronounced him the winner of the competion knew nothing about it either. News to them. Quite oblivious were they, am I to believe? Quite simply fate saw to it. How strong is fate?
    Meantime the Mayor keeps spewing out the term ‘sustainable development’, and in keeping with this dubious ‘righteousness’, Toowoomba gets to get fluoride in its water, which it never ever wanted.
    The next effort towards ‘sustainable development’ they didn’t get away with. The public rose in outrage. The dams were getting dry, too dry. Council panicked. Council had a brainwave. Recycycled sewerage water was their answer for the public to refreshingly drink on tap. Toowoomba used to be know as the ‘pretty city’. It now became Poowoomba the ‘shitty city’.
    The State government came to the rescue. It piped water from the Gold Coast Hinterland where Hinze Dam was situated in a high rainfall area. It took some years to complete, but finally was complete. It reminded me of a bible prophecy that said a man would travel to another city to fetch water. Well it panned out that the water travelled to another city by pipeline fetching itself. But I believed this was a prophecy fulfilled.
    The public announcement was made. Completion at last. No more problems. The Labor State government and the Agenda 21 Council truly believed and stated that it would never rain again because of global warming climate change.
    The extreme irony of it was that before the pipeline came into actual use, but following the public announcement, the rain on the afternoon of 10th January 2011 bucketed down over two hours. The rain gages couldn’t hold it. It couldn’t be measured. It swamped the momtain city Toowoomba. Cars floated down the streets at a fast flood rate. Towns below the city were completely washed away. Roads at catchment areas that crossed landfill over gullies where a concrete 10 foot diameter pipe coped with the creek that ran through it for over 70 years completely became a 250 metre gully once more. This on top of a mountain range. The damage took years to fix. Newly opened shops in the main street flooded and went straight out of business.
    God was laughing at them. They said it would never rain again. The pipeline for water from the Gold Coast was ready to go. God waited for it to finish. Then he made a fool of them, these greenie sustainable development figures and their useless goddess Gaia. Both the Regional Toowoomba Agenda 21 Council and the greenie State.
    But before the piped water got going, the skies broke instead. All the Dams filled instantly, overflowing from practically empty. Nobody ever saw anything like it.
    This does indeed mean that this Regional Council is no longer local, but an International Regional Council, and some police vans are sign painted Community Police, but are not of the Regional Council.
    The town called Dalby, was having its town water fluoridated in the 1980’s. The way it is done is a Council worker dumps a bag of fluoride chemical into the water regularly.
    The day came when fluoride was to be dumped in the water (and the fluoride is readily soluble unlike the naturally occurring Calcium Fluoride which only dissolves up to 1 ppm).
    The man who usually poisoned the water was late that day, so a workmate went ahead and did it for him. The usual man finally arrived at work, and not having been advised of the work done for him on his behalf, he proceeded to do his usual duties. He dumped fluoride into the water a second time.
    Next day, the town of Dalby had a sickness epidemic, receiving Newspaper headlines in a number of Newspapers.
    The gospel of mother Gaia of environmental protection (in reverse) has to be confronted. I just might do it with apologies to any who might get offended. Truth has been turned upside down making good evil, and evil good. Upside down is reciprocal. Back to front is opposite. We are dealing with a religion. So Gaia religion vs 1745 religion.
    Religion is driving this. Gaia must be opposed.


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