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    And Co2 is life. Carbon dioxide is needed for plants to live. Carbon dioxide decomposes to its original elements, carbon and oxygen. CO2 is not a pollutant that is growing and growing and suffocates the planet. All things decompose to their original elements eventually! Water evaporates, flows out to the sea, and eventually is returned to us on land via precipitation in snow, rain, dew etc. The world leaders and politicians bent on getting initiatives passed rely on the ignorance of the American people to further the agenda, as an ignorant populace is too uneducated to argue such things as “climate change” or chemistry and physics.
    The media/news outlets keep the people entertained with silly, non-important “news stories” that seem newsy, but do not affect us directly. The good stuff, the stuff you write about here, doesn’t make news. If it does, it is dumbed down to just “so and so wants such and such nation to join the climate change plan” but the story is without the nuts and the bolts, they merely give the gist of the story without the details.

    Also, the general person does not know where to look to find the motives on these plans, often someone may assume these things are beyond their ken or that these major political decisions make no real difference in our world.

    I did manage to find several reasons for initiatives that were being heavily promoted during the Obama administration, and his were all UN goals: “17 Goals to Transform Our World
    Governments, businesses and civil society together with the United Nations have started to mobilize efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030” one of them is their “equality” goal, and the target is to eliminate barriers to free and open migration, even going so far as to reduce the costs of remittances sent overseas (Western Union fees immigrants pay to send money back home- isn’t that nice, they get paid in cash, tax free, then send every spare penny outside the USA- they get the full benefits of a taxpayer without actually participating by PAYING any taxes) if you read the Goal # 10 and click on the tab “Targets” it gives the UN’s wonder-speak about how great it would be if all the 3rd world’s poor were on the same “equal level” as first world citizens. The UN wants to make this happen by moving all the 3rd world TO the first world, at our expense of course. Then, we will all be “equal” the UN does not mention that we will all be equally POOR. They want wealth redistribution and they call it “income equality” Now that I know this I know the whole “gender equality” was BS too, because their definition is not what yours or mine is.

    Thanks Vicky another deep deep deal going on, too depressing. That is why we all voted in Trump, we figured he’d put a stop to all of that. I sure hope something changes along those lines

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    Don’t panic ladies. It’s called seasonal change as you emerge from winter, now into spring, and heading into your Northern hemisphere summer. Yes, your portion of the globe is heating up and the snows are melting as the physical form of water changes from snow and ice into liquid. Meantime, the Southern Hemisphere is cooling, rapidly this year, to maintain the global average. And all is well with the world – not really. The Antarctic ice cap is freezing up once again after complete evaporation following blistering heat, this last summer. (The steam and water vapour remained gaseous, therefore sea levels did not rise. The atmosphere swelled instead.) Water vapour and steam re-becoming ice.

    A Cold War is a nuclear deterrent to war due to mutually assured destruction ‘MAD’. The Cold War no longer exists. Perhaps relations between nuclear opponents warmed as animosity melted. Warm hospitable relations became overheated, becoming hot with the resultant hot war that no nuclear deterrent can diminish. If this happens seas still will not rise. Enough nukes dropped in the ocean will boil the seawater into steam. Sea levels will lessen, becoming shallows. The steam and vapour wIll be in the atmosphere. Fish in cold and deep enough waters in regions that escape being broiled alive, will don aero-gills to survive. The fish equivalent of aqua lungs.

    Of course ethylene glycol, from anti-boil/anti- freeze added to the oceans prior to nuking them, in sufficient quantities, may ameliorate this effect somewhat minisculely. Nukes were made to destroy the earth and the physicists knew it. Nothing was ever devised by man that was ultimately not put to its intended effectual use – with the exclusion of free electricity according to Tesla. So the earth and seas will be nuked. The skies will roll up like a scroll. This will be global warming at its grandest.

    But don’t worry. Nobody really wants to know about it. ‘Head in the sand like an ostrich devoid of its nuked plumage stuff’, really! Seriously farcical, really.


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