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    War is an inevitable outcome of the Homos behavior. It won’t matter what Trump or others do or don’t do. The main problems are: Religion (esp. Islam), Selfishness, Greed for wealth, Greed for power, Greed for territory (i.e. too many rats in a cage), low IQ, Hate, Vengeance, Growth (without limits) and overpopulation (i.e. too many rats in a cage), all are contributors of war. The past proved it, the present proves it, and the future will prove it right to the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs; the end). Just look at the FILTHY wealthy, they can’t ever get enough, and we let them. Bill Gates worth $80 Billion, and the list is now only 8 who are worth more than 3.5 billion Homos. And now we will lose ALL privacy because we can’t trust ourselves. Very sad. (new Tom Hanks movie this month about our loss of privacy!)

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      So the real solution is to let men fight – and limit the weapons they have available to them?

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        There is no real solution for the long run that I can see. The self-destruction of the homo sapiens is inevitable, at least 99% so. Maybe not for all, but for most. Our only hope to a real solution is to try and find it if there is one, AND, try and delay the (99%) inevitable which would buy more time to try and find a real solution. I have no better answer but I’d like to hear one. For now, we either limit the weapons or our deaths will be quicker than otherwise. WMDs, if all were released right now on humanity, would kill around 99.99999% of all of us. We are on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea, but the right kind of germ alone could do the job.

        Now, all that said, you are doing the right thing by publishing these kind of articles, and maybe you have a piece of the puzzle, if people would only listen, brainstorm, and open their minds.


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