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    “I thought Trump would stop this whole thing – but I believe he’s been captured by the deep state (intelligence 5th column) as well.” We ALL did, Vicky.. we all did. It was Trump against the new world order (we all so believed). Someone either got to him, OR- he was there all along.
    Brilliant stuff. The giving the populace cellphones and egging them on to social networks is the same old trick using new toys, the CIA and military would go in to a country and the very first thing they surveil then control is the comms networks (or radio stations, whatever is used in that country). I do believe the Obama-phones was part of the plan here in US. They are still pushing them at road-side kiosks, all you need provide is an EBT card and you’ve got a phone. The company used in AZ is Cricket, and some people sign up for more than one. The kiosk workers get a commission, Cricket gets profits, and your tax dollars fund it and losers who will never work but we were told it was to “help the disadvantaged get phone calls so they can get jobs”. You are spot on with the Qhadafi/Assad angle. Whomever does not sign on, gets obliterated. Saddam Hussein thought he would win (ha!) the war against us, Qhadafi thought we would just forget about him, give up and let him be and that his people would fight for him (we didn’t forget, and his people did fight, but to no avail) They DID manage to keep out Clinton’s PEPFAR (see Benghazi Bamboozle, by Vicky Davis)

    “British Empire created by capturing seaports” yes, and so did we the USA by buying New Orleans and a few others.

    I feel SO sorry for Assad, I fear for him and my only hope is that our USA average-Joe lefties, who pride themselves on fighting the establishment while in reality being the establishment, will go against the status quo and figure Assad is not the enemy, that WE are. And by “we” I only hope the people figure out that the government they claim to be so against is not the government, but the fifth column.
    PS Vicky, USAID sends out email blasts, I subscribe and recommend anyone subscribe as well, (although I was not the one who sent the email re: in this article) but I just wanted to relate that these governmental(?) orgs all have lists one can sign up, I encourage others to do the same. Watch CSPAN as Vicky does, and pay careful attention to what is being said, not what you think is being said. That is not easy to do.

    Thanks Vicky your articles are so valuable.

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank you for always reading them and adding to the conversation. I really do appreciate it. On your comment below, I will definitely look at those articles. Honestly, I wasn’t too interested in what was going on in the Middle East because there has been all war all the time for my entire life but when Hillary mentioned putting in technocratic leaders, that was it. I was hooked.

      I will find those old articles in Time that you mentioned in your comment below. I know they (our government) was doing the same stuff in South America that they are doing now in the Middle East because I have a friend who was a PMC for them.

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    Vicky- read this- re: Syria and even Colombia snippet :”The Nation, June 13
    An article reports on the arrest of two U.S. soldiers by Colombian police on charges of supplying arms to a paramilitary organization. A State Department spokesman denied that the United States is trying to equip Colombian paramilitaries but refused “to say whether the arms are part of the unprecedented $3.3 billion in military aid the United States began sending in 2000 as part of Plan Colombia.”
    Syria: “Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report, June 6
    Syria: With elections ongoing in Lebanon, Time focuses on the legacy of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, whose assassination in February helped speed Syria’s departure from Lebanon. Syria’s Bashar Assad told Hariri—who wanted Syria out of Lebanon, and was planning to run for office again—”I will break Lebanon over your head.” those are just copy pastes from small parts of the article. There is a lot of good stuff in old articles.

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    I had not made the connection between The cell phone program for those too poor and flash mobs, another light bulb illuminates for me thanks Vicky!, Trump is backpeddaling on many of his campaign promises, including now, the Paris accord, fifth column indeed.

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      Vicky Davis

      Trump is bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball. The rhetoric is pablum for us – the action is for the globalists. I’d like to give him credit for trying – but it gets harder by the day because of who he keeps close to him and who he has pushed out – or allowed to be pushed out.


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