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    I don’t know how, who, or when, but I am noticing some discontent among the masses. I am hearing words like “fascism”, and “strategic partnerships”, and other knowing terms, this out of the mouths of Facebook posts, Disqus comments, and other such areas. People are starting to catch on. They are watching less TV maybe, or figuring out that they’re being lied to, because they’re noticing that what is being told and what is going on are not jibing. I don’t think they’re seeing the deeper picture but what do I know, I can only judge on what people are writing, and people often say nothing, the brightest people I know never ever post online.

    “On the economic side, replace decision making by elected officials with councils (soviets) of leaders of the local business community” I’m so frustrated that people think things are still working the old-fashioned way. I hear stupid people still making the Republicans vs Democrats argument.

    “…actually National Socialism modeled roughly in the image of Germany before World War II” I do too, and even with the eugenics, it isn’t mentioned very much but I do hear this incredibly inane comment that made me wince, is this one “it’s in our DNA” even Obama said it on TV, and his comment referring to it was also even more stupid, so bad I erased it from my memory bank for fear of the stupidness spreading in my brain. But people are repeating this nonsense “it’s in the DNA” as if personality traits can be passed down? Isn’t that what Nazi-ism taught?

    that’s giving me an idea… Thanks Vicky

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    Yes, you are right, in my own words, newspapers are busy formulating, formularizing, shaping, creating and forming public opinion, while the dopey, misled public are corralled into thinking the newspapers are only innocently and well-meaningly REFLECTING public opinion, that the public thought of all by their dear sweet little gullible selves. An example of this in a local paper was headlined “Why Australians hate Silicon Valley.” That was the first time I ever heard that Australians are perpetually grumbling about Silicon Valley.
    I did not read the article but pointed out to all nearby that this was how newspapers dictate to all what their thoughts as sheep should be and already have been, in case they didn’t know it.
    The Beatles wrote and recorded two hit songs. One was “Can’t Buy Me Love”. (I don’t care too much for money – money can’t buy me love . . . ) the second was “Give Me Money” (Money can’t buy everything it’s true . . . . But what it can’t buy I cain’t use. So give me money). This shows two sides of a question can be debated. A person can listen to one, say ‘that’s right’ and be brainwashed by the arguments of those lines, and live accordingly. Equally, the opposing lines of the opposing song, can convince the listener if heard alone without the earlier recording which neutralizes it.
    I say this to point out that newspapers can create strong arguments in favour of what your public opinion SHALL BE, while ignoring stronger, more truthful arguments. By this process democracy has been subverted while newspaper swayed public opinion does the voting. The Public later regrets, complains and is told “You should have thought about that BEFORE.” To which the Public retaliates, “Well it’s no good you telling us that NOW !”
    Don’t read the newspaper propaganda. Get the full story before you make up your mind – from VICKY DAVIS.

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      The second Beatle song in the above reply should be ‘That’s What I Want” in place of “Gve Me Money”. Peter.

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      That’s very perceptive of you to catch that with the Beatles songs. I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the degree to which the arts and entertainment industry exists to serve the purpose of subliminal messaging. And I say that as a person who did take a class in Media Studies with a close look at the World War II propaganda coming from Hollywood. When it really hit me was in 2003 when Treasury Secretary John Snow, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and the Secretary of Commerce Don Evans went on a bus tour through Wisconsin. When Elaine Chao brought up a movie about a broken down horse making a comeback. The name of the movie was Sea Biscuit and the horse was symbolic of the American people and our economy.

      Here is what I wrote at the time:

      Here is the program on C-Span.

      As I watched it the first time, I couldn’t hardly believe what I was seeing. Did they really think they were going to convince people of anything except how foolish they look?

      The media is playing a very big part in the crimes being committed against the American people. They are trying to sell normalcy while on the ground, we are living in bizarro world. It’s not working – not anymore, but too many people still don’t know where to look for answers. It was my hope to provide some of those answers for anybody who was seeking them and accidentally stumbled onto my website. I’m very glad you found it.


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