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    “Mandatory minimum sentencing throws the power of the judiciary into the hands of the U.S. Attorney’s office. It allows them to falsify charges in an indictment ”

    Vicky I was JUST discussing this very thing with my husband last night in the car. I quoted you, as a matter of fact (I call you the ‘genius lady’, lol) about how power has shifted to the prosecutors, thus allowing them de facto judicial power to create charges to see which ones can stick.

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      The people who put the mandatory minimums into law are too smart for it to have been an accident. They intended to dis-empower the judges. I really do believe that.

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    There is corruption everywhere including the EPA, BLM, United Nations, and everywhere else including police departments. We (the people of the USA and earth) must protect the earth, air, land, and water so we can be safe, healthful, productive, esthetical, and culturally compatible. So we can’t get rid of what the EPA, BLM, UN, police, fire, and these agencies are suppose to do. Imagine getting rid of the police because some are corrupt, the chaos we the people would create. But yes, find the corruption and clean them up, and we could start with out congress and other leaders who we elect. Hey, how about Trump instead of Obama for starters! You also make a good point about the mandatory minimum sentencing as we all are corrupt in one way or another and we can’t throw everyone in jail – we must have some flexibility, but do throw the book at the repeat and uncaring thugs.


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