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    The American people are so brainwashed that they will believe the word “Patriot” is a bad word, just like they’ve done it with “constitutionalists” or “Tea Partier”. Do they even know what the original Boston Tea Party was about, anyway?

    Off topic, but have you seen this? “This is: although federal law requires most entities to receive written permission to access students’ confidential data, there’s an exception for “school officials,” who have unfettered access… and the amount, and type, of available data has simply exploded in the 21st century.

    That loophole has allowed Google, and others, access to more data than could have been imagined when the law was first enacted int he 1970s. At that time, “school officials” actually meant employees of the district. But education has changed, and hundreds of functions — from cafeterias to testing — are outsourced to third parties. ”

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    Good article! Anna Von Reitz has these things all figured out. The corruption is completely systemic. All the way down to the City level. All of these people are making huge sums of money through fraud, deceit and outright lies!
    Years ago I stumbled across Walter Burien’s articles about “Comprehensive Annual Budget Reports”. As my state Governor just called for more taxes, I think the people need to hear that it’s estimated that California has probably $600 Billion dollars in hidden money! The truth is, Cities, Counties, Stated and the Feds all have money not listed in the “Annual Budget Report”, but listed in the CAFR’s. They are all stealing us blind!
    Von Reitz claims that all of the supposed “Federal Agencies”, ie. the alphebet agencies, are actually Private, for profit corporations, mostly foriegn owned!
    It’s all actually pretty unbelievable. We’re dealing with very intelligent people however, they have gotten sloppy, at least for those of us who are paying attention.
    I agree with Kristin however, that there are so many who have fallen for the brainwashing!
    I’m just so glad for independent media though as, the truth will set us free!

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