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    Many locals have told the outside groups to stay away, concerned their presence could lead to violence. The Hammonds, as well, have rebuffed the Bundy’s support for their cause. “Neither Ammon Bundy nor anyone within his group/organization speak for the Hammond Family,” the Hammonds’ lawyer W. Alan Schroeder wrote to Sheriff David Ward. Dwight Hammond has said he and his son plan to peacefully report to prison Monday as ordered by the judge. “We gave our word that’s what we would do, and we intend to act on it,” he told The Associated Press last week.”

    The AP news article simply states: “…The protesters went to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday following a peaceful rally in support of two Oregon ranchers facing additional prison time for arson.”

    Arson- really? The article of course, for space reasons or other reasons is not elaborating on the case or really what it is about. What I am glad for is that it is in the news at all.

    Thanks- had I not read your first article on this topic, I wouldn’t have known what it was really all about from the facts.

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    laura m.

    Some are convinced that Oath Keepers has been infiltrated and subverted. They, like many patriot groups past and present have been neutralized.

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      Tim B.

      You are correct, Laura. I realized that oat keepers were controlled opposition back in 2009. I always give all these groups the communist litmus test, investigating the leaders, where their financial support comes from, etc. It has always worked.


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