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    ” Apparently, they don’t care who they hire these days” They USED to. To even take their test, you have to be invited, also known as an “in”: you can’t just walk in and apply. I was invited about 10 yrs ago by a supervisor of mine (he’s recently applied himself to the FBI in Salt Lake City- they have two major offices- one in Salt Lake another in NJ) at my old job, because he saw me engaged working logic puzzles- you know, the kind you find in the supermarket magazine section, they are the comic book style puzzle mags that cost around 7 dollars. Anyway, this supervisor informed me that a great part of the FBI application consists of logic puzzles (to have a logical mind is a huge part of being an agent, so are local law enforcement investigators required to use logic to solve crime). My old “supe” was/is LDS, many FBI agents are, as I said the FBI office is in Utah, and their application process excludes people with a criminal record or folks with questionable morals or drug history, also multi-lingual applications are desired, LDS aka Mormons fit the bill perfectly. I didn’t take him up on applying for many reasons (no way in heck I could pass their rigorous inspections).

    I think, but I can’t prove it, that the FBI has been infiltrated by the UN’s diversity kittens cult that promote vague ideals like “diversity” , homosexuality and all things LGBTQ etc, and this woman could be one of those affirmatively acting blah blah poster children, being a woman. Maybe too she plays along with the team spirit. Vicky even with your comical and enlightening review of her (un)qualifications, she could very well be intelligent and capable. OR, she could be SO stupid and inexperienced she is a perfect choice for a sophisticated bamboozle by her superiors who plan on using her as a stooge. In fact I suspect that last idea is the correct assumption- Grade A stooge.

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      I’d put my money on stupid. Taking a job as an FBI agent when you have a law degree is taking a step down professionally. The career potential for a prosecutor is a lot greater than for an FBI agent. If she was really interested in law enforcement, she would have started as a police officer.

      I 99.999% positive that all agencies of our government have been seeded with UN Communists – Common Purpose people who are directing the implementation of global systems for global “governance”.

      Look at this page in my research on Reinvention of Government. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were think as thieves (literally):

      In particular note: Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management

      The Commonwealth is what was known as the British Commonwealth (British Empire) in the past.

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    A snippet from your link you gave above from your website:

    “…When the communitarian managers hit a roadblock, they blow it up… and then use “terrorism” as the excuse for the change they wanted to implement anyway. And we are seeing these changes everywhere – and nowhere.”

    Vicky, I’ve heard a LOT of conspiracy theories regarding 9-11. I remember reading something- can’t recall who wrote it, but they said something about how the United Nations has a way of showing people that they “mean business”. That one phrase, that ONE sentence, clicked in my head and immediately the idea that UN is behind it stuck with me. I sincerely and strongly believe the UN was the perpetrator behind twin towers thing and I share my opinion every chance I get on this, even on Yahoo news page comments board of all places.
    They want Global databases of us all, they wanted the Patriot Act, all of it. Of course there is their cronyism in the UN so their friends in high places also financially benefit, my favorite company name was the “RAPISCAN” (Rape S Scan is how it is pronounced) I do believe the name chosen on purpose.

    .Your ChannelingReality site is a Gold Mine. I do strongly advise anyone to save it to disk, the entire content, every bit of it. There is so much there to go over and I find myself reading pages again and again, it is an encyclopedia and not one iota is rubbish. It is all useable, useful, informative, expose’ and well I don’t have enough words to describe it. It SHOULD be in book form, hint hint. Strong hint.

    Every thing the United Nations proposes, the exact opposite is the end result. It baffles me how the officials can look themselves in the face. “just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.”

    Another eye opener Vicky, is your page on PROMIS/PTECH is another good read into the takeover of the FBI.

    “… He did think he was working for the FBI and he no doubt was drawing an FBI paycheck. He was probably added to the FBI’s payroll via the PROMIS/PTECH software. And nobody would be the wiser”
    I searched for the radio program you mentioned in that article, but I could only find a listing of them in the Wayback Machine, even then it did not include the .mp3 file of the program.


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