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    Karen Bracken

    What are the people of Oregon doing to help this family? They should be in a total revolt. IF they don’t put an end to this NOW they will be next. Where is the Sheriff? He/she has the ability to tell the BLM and the EPA to take a hike.

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      Apparently the Sheriff is a nice guy.. but lacking in the “right stuff” for the job.

      Every farmer and rancher in this country should be up in arms because if they can do this to the Hammonds and the Bundys, they can do it to anybody who has a choice piece of property that the government wants.

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    Let this be a lesson to you out there who think you can win! Say, I wonder though, had the Hammond’s had a large(r) public outcry, maybe some protestors and things, had it gone this far? I don’t think I’ve heard of this case – and if I had, I don’t recall hearing about it. Shame. This is outrageous, and I am shocked it didn’t go further in the courts on appeals. Outrageous.

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      Lawyers are expensive and the Hammonds are very nearly exhausted – physically, financially and emotionally. It’s tragic what’s been done to them.

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    Vickey Gray

    The public private partnership between the Kages and their nonprofit organization.


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