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    “The Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations set up the groundwork for the 10-region concept…
    Congress…exempted the [ACIR] from legislative oversight. ACIR is sheltered from congressional inquiry into its activities and spending of taxpayers’ money. The voters have no investigative powers over the Commission wich takes credit for laying out the…10 standard Federal regions.

    Regionalization of our sovereign States with control centralized in Washington…will reduce the status and power of State governments. ” Say, doesn’t the word “Soviet” mean region in the sense of this writing?

    He mentions Congressman the Hon. John R. Rarick ” An Open Letter To Americans”

    Problem is, since everyone’s out of work and broke, they’re no longer homeowners so they have little sympathy for property owners. If they go to American public schools, they won’t know anything about the Constitution nor our rights as citizens. If they’re not citizens, they are immigrants or refugees, they will not care about citizen’s rights nor the Constitution, and they are probably uneducated or illiterate so won’t understand it. I think this is why we are receiving so many Central American/Socialist/marxist nationals make up most of our illegal immigrants.
    Remember, Obama is a Central Planner.

    The Supreme Court’s decision to impose a Federal law on same sex marriage wasn’t a “rights” issue, maybe it was a plan designed to take away State’s sovereign right – by imposing “supreme law” across the land. Is no one else on the planet bringing up this realization about that law? do people honestly think the govt “cares” about homosexuals or people’s rights?

    As I type this a commercial came on the TV, it was all in German with subtitles, for something called GREAT NATIONS EAT (a campaign of Share Our Strength) on their website ” the No Kid Hungry network, made up of private citizens, government officials, nonprofits, business leaders” Uh oh. The commercial with the pretend “hungry child” made me angry. The fattest nation on Earth, using the old scameroo to garner support for another public private “partnership” to glean taxpayer monies for “charities”.


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