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    Off topic- Vicky just wanted to share this, in a piece by Cliff Kincaid in re China “First Fentanyl, now Coronavirus”

    “An African businessman dealing with China by the name of Ojukwu Emma was interviewed by NPR back in 2012 and said, “We find it difficult because of the language barrier. They are not like us. The culture, everything is very different, you understand?.” He went on to say, “The Chinese believe when they cheat people they are clever. They are not feeling like it’s cheating. But they feel it’s clever, you understand.” We import 3rd world persons and other foreigners who’s culture is so far removed from the West’s it really cannot be grasped by the average person – and we wonder why the country’s going into the shithole. It’s not just politics it’s culture too. Because if you can change the culture, you can change the politics.


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