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    And where is the Feds and CIA while Saks Fifth Avenue, all the stores going into bankruptcy now- Amazon (Alibaba’s single item seller) will be our sole proprietor/purveyor of goods? We shall be forced to buy from China directly. We now have a semi- choice, I say semi choice because when was the last time you bought anything that was not made in China? soon we won’t be going through a middle man.

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    @Kristen, company’s like Walmart deliberately told companies like Tupperware and Rubbermaid to offshore production or it wouldn’t be sold in their stores, a lot of this happened all over America at direct expense of Americans, it seems as if State department deliberately allowed this to help build China into the monolith that it has become. The State department did this very same thing with our steel industry , giving and even building steel mills in Japan. Vicky does a beautiful job of detailing the mechanisms of this global movement.

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      Vicky Davis

      You’re right. “The China Price”. Hillary Clinton was on the Board of Directors I believe.

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      Vicky Davis

      @Joe @Kristen Idaho’s capital city just went communist. The ultimate objective of the Trojan Triangle system was to become a global city – an independent city-state.

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    “The activities of the wealthy Trojan investors?”…”looking outward towards a foreign site of Trojan infection?”… “a whole picture of the global scheme?”…

    Trojan Toad’s, the Oligarch’s Last Dance to the Sound of Imploding High Tech Dollar Bills, Shrinks & the One World Picture of excited anticipation of 5G Virtual Reality (or China Goes to Israel with battle group) they really do stink, don’t they.

    Sounds like the extension of the “Great Game” of the Industrialized West, (none dare call it Intelligence) and it’s come to a head.(?*#@?) and their trying to colonize the remnant of us again.

    Remember them Oligarchs, don”t ya know, as they were absorbed by the Crown,or my God, was it the other-way-around.

    America the Good, America the Great, America the Worlds Policeman, and a social welfare state. Wink wink, nod, nod, and it’s the buck, you know, money calls, as it does,the tune. America’s Great Foundations and Our Superior Neuveau Riche. None Dare Call It Intelligence, yet, yet… how far, how far dare we shrink?

    Seems ((((they’ve))))) got computers too, though I’m not really sure about their goals (are your intentions honorable?).

    Looking forward to the Dianna West interview sited above.

    Your’s in memory of Mssr. Jacques Ellul and Mssr. Christ (Its a free Universe, don’t you know?) Wake up wake up.


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