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    VICKY this is too much information- VALUABLE and fascinating information- in one place. You gotta break this up into manageable chunks for American consumption. Remember, our cognitive skills have been carefully minimized, our ability to select and absorb information is dulled, and our attention spans mimic those of a gnat. The RANBAXY fraud – and the Clinton’s connected to that company, is a story in itself. What I’m saying is, you wrote this for someone with your brain. Most of us Americans don’t have your brain. They can only focus in on one topic at a time. I am going to share this piece, and I hope to God it gets read and shared ad infinitum on the social networks. It needs to be seen. As far as I am concerned, you are more useful and valuable than Mark Levin, who now has his own TV channel that millions of people subscribe to at 10$ a month fee.


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