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    If the Fascist Congress legislated that all blonde haired, blue eyed baby girls must be immolated by the age of five. Barr would be the Pharisaical zealot to carry out the law by wrote. He’s such a terrier for the written letter of the law. No qualms at all of conscience. Legislation if evil is still the law abider’s law.
    If the parents of a blonde haired blue eyed child were to dye the child’s hair auburn for its protection from the law as writ, till it survived past the age of five, then was found out at the age of seven, the zealous law monger Barr would work the law, tooth and nail retrospectively, and have the parents arrested for perverting the course of justice.

    If the child was his own blue eyed, blonde haired toddler, who knows, he’d probably have her sacrificed to Molech, showing no empathy, to comply with his law abiding diligence, being the good fascist citizen that he is. He would be smugly proud of his Pharisaical zealotry for the law. A good upstanding US citizen and civil servant.
    He’d have been an astute agent for Hitler. Instead of the commands being barked though and immediately enforced, they are toned down by ordered legislation of the greatly respected Fascist Congress. Was he really the right man for the job of Attorney General? In the circumstances I’d unhappily say “Yes !”
    The saying goes: –

    (I prefer EVIL to INJUSTICE).

    A psychopath is the ideal candidate. Barr is the ideal psychopath.

    I commiserate with all the nice things said about Barr, showing how ‘qualified’ and university socialised he is for promotion to A.G as one of Satan’s psychopathic soldiers.

    Thomas Jefferson would not be the right man for promotion to Attorney General. He was too decent. He would have to resign rather than lawfully side with evil legislation.
    Wise up! America, the US is a Fascist Republic.


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