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    So the WWII was won in 1945, so they thought. Not knowing the next move they were conned into was checkmate for them as the gas was lit, and the pot slowly warmed as the frogs enjoyed the ever so gentle boiling.
    The big things missing in the Constitution were ‘never to covenant with other nations’, and ‘never to throw in the public purse with other nations’ either; and ‘never to allow anyone as president/king/leader who is not one of the originating American race’ of colonial days.
    America has copped a licking, because all these things that should have been in the Constitution have been infringed. They were all part of the biblical statutes and ordinances written to safeguard their otherwise foolish sheepish minds that these days they want none of. So they bear the consequences.
    The right to bear arms was signed away by the words ‘general and complete disarmament’, by Nixon in 1972. Does general mean ‘total’? This semi decided by Nixon with Russia, and not neglectful of U.N covenants, treaties and conventions either.
    The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child – as I remember, also called for total disarmament of signatory nations. If General does not mean ‘total’ who gets to keep the armaments? Government authorities and killer cops, That’s who. Guillotines include in the armaments. This is a set-up.
    Never capitulate as in 1945.
    One 80 year old Green Beret Colonel (retired obviously) agrees with me, and nobody else so far, that the wall Trump wants so desperately to build, may end up being used to keep patriotic white Americans in, instead of illegal immigrants out. Nancy Pelosi is Br’er Rabbit saying “Please don’t build it. It’s immoral.” Either that, or maybe she knows it’s true purpose. And the caravans are staged to get the wall moving? The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in. Remember? Not out! But then the Great Wall of China was a different story.
    And if an American tries to escape he gets shot in the attempt. Guillotined if not.
    A juicy bar-b-cued lamb chop can be laced with 1080 poison for the delighted unwary.
    And it is said that a good cop has the mind of a criminal.
    Look closely at anything designed to suck you in America.
    Maybe it can spit you out too.

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      I agree with you about the Wall and pretty much everything else you wrote.

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        Can two walk together unless they be agreed?

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    Peter I disagree with you on the wall deal. I am not a person who holds blind trust for anyone- but I believe the President on this one- just on my own opinion. I am a born skeptic and I always look for the real as opposed to the ostensible goals, but I believe this wall is just that, I also think it’s a power play with Trump against the global/open border Democra- er, Leftists. They’re not Democrats- they’re communists. Call them what they are

    The Lefties buy whatever the agenda is selling, no matter how illogical. They fall for buzzwords, hackneyed phrases. They did the same thing in the 50s when they bought idea that McCarthyism was a witch hunt. Now almost all the good people who warned us are dead and everyone else who sneered didn’t read or bother to look up the released files absolving McCarthy that were made available after the 50-year National Security/Secret hold expired. I still read pieces in leftie media mocking the McCarthy “Red Scare”. They know they’re lying, but they still push it in desperate hope we will swallow it. Liars don’t care if the truth is right in front of them, they keep pushing the lies. They bank on the public’s gullibility and our failing public school education and they benefit. California public schools employ illegal aliens as teachers. Do you imagine those teachers may have a bias?

    Some things jumped out at me in this piece “disarmament aimed at increasing military transparency” and “… cooperation in humanitarian and other fields: freer movement of people” both UN goals and obviously Communist goals. UN wants open borders and some Americans think it’s dandy.

    Peter: ” The big things missing in the Constitution were ‘never to covenant with other nations’ “There’s a passage in the Bible about that, it’s not a Commandment but it’s in there somewhere. I wish it were in our Constitution too, what wise observations you make: and ‘never to throw in the public purse with other nations’ I know Ive read of this by someone, and I thought it was in our Constitution in some manner? I sadly mistake. It sounds very familiar, someone must have written it in a famous bit. Sounds very Franklin-ish.

    Vicky thank you for another yet brilliant piece. I anxiously await each of your writings. They’re like bad car accidents, except unlike in real life, where I turn away, with yours one must look. I will not comment on any part of it as there is nothing I can add and nothing to disagree upon.

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      Thank you Kristin. I do think the Wall is to keep people in but I don’t think the President necessarily understands that. It’s taken me a long time to figure this out. Trump is not a political insider and the way the United Nations convergence was planning, it’s a slow rolling merger of systems. It’s being carried out by the foreign policy interests in our government – the State Department, the CIA, the National Security Council (staff), the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, etc.

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      Peter Holt

      Yes you are right that these open border DeMOCKrats are communists. Maybe they think open borders can cool the globe like open windows.
      Ireland I believe is entertaining an open border policy. But the big joke is that they are surrounded by sea. Or is it a ploy to swallow up Northern Ireland in to European Union sovereignty following Brexit?
      Its (European Union’s) national anthem is Beethoven’s inspired music of ‘Ode To Joy’ written after inspiration from Friedrich Schiller’s poem in German called ‘An Die Freude’ which translated is about ‘a goddess in her shrine’ and the brotherhood of man (all nations). An Die Freude will be the words of the European National Anthem – betting London to a brick – odds on.

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        Vicky Davis

        Ode to Joy… how perfect. Their joy is in destroying Europe.

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    Kristin. Nice to read your comments. And honestly I don’t know the truth about the wall. I hope Trump gets his way, and I hope it serves its purpose. I just like to turn things over to scrutinise the possibilities that may be overlooked, sometimes deliberately.

    You know the Greeks could not practise ‘quantitative easing’ aka legally print more money to keep paying the bills, like the USA, because the Euro was centralized in Frankfurt German Headquarters, where Greek QE was strictly forbidden. The Greeks were in the unexpected pit that was not made known to them beforehand. They ignorantly embraced the Euro joyfully. The sting was in the grinning tail. And the excuse was not that they ran out of ink to print.
    Told, “You should have thought about that before.” The Greeks replied, “Well, its no use you telling us that now.” They said it in Greek – which I can’t speak.

    The US, when it runs out of currency, prints more. What will happen when the ink runs out? I suppose they’ll just make more ink, likewise. I hope the raw materials for ink making, hold up, therefore, for the American economy backed by ink. Maybe digital will defeat this, but that will by then be a world monetary system. Just being a bit light hearted here. A little rubbish now and then is relished by the wisest men.

    It is said that printing money, steals from the citizens of a government by devaluing the dollar, there being more dollars, each worth less, called inflation. A percentage has been stolen. The worth less balance stays the same. As there are no savings collectively speaking, the practice hopefully, dissolves the debt instead, by adding liquidity to drown in. Work your brain around that one. Designed to befuddle.

    Don’t covenant with other nations. Deut. 7:2. Don’t be part of the United Nations, nor globalism relinquishing nationhood.
    One of your own race must lead you. Deut 17:15. Barack Obama. Alas, America is Cosmopolitan, too far gone, and aborting its votes way ahead of the ballot age.
    Don’t throw in your purse with another. Proverbs 1:14-15. The United States used to pay the UN 50 billion dollars per year ages ago. How much now I don’t want to know. The Federal Reserve Bank 1913 was an outrageous breach of this safeguard. Not Federal at all, but in name only. The American economy on loan charged interest, the public purse no longer American. In Australia, huge sums are borrowed to give to Indonesia, who gets to keep it, while Australia pays back the debt with interest. That’s complete madness and economic suicide.
    The Titanic said to be unsinkable, was built to be sunk on its first voyage to get rid of wealthy opponents of the 1913 Federal Reserve Bank treachery, tantamount to treason.
    Nothing is what it seems. Therefore the alternative has to be considered.

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    Correction. One sentence above should read: —

    What will happen when the ink runs out so they can’t print more money to buy more ink to print more money?

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    The way international system has been built is with interconnected debt. I just saw a piece of legislation authorizing $60 billion for economic development in the Indo-Pacific. The target countries will be very happy to take that money. In an article I read on the same subject, it said “we” have (I think the number was) $7 trillion dollars of investment in that region. That’s debt for the region.

    They’ve built a system that is a deadly embrace. If we go down, they go down just like dominoes.

    I don’t believe the world can go back to a commodity based system of backed currency because of intellectual property and virtual value but if it does, the U.S. will do ok because this country has a lot of natural resources. It would be the countries that are not well endowed that would have problems.

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    Peter- Before I go back to read your second comment/response, let me make one correction to an error you had in first comment- & a rather large error on MY part as well (I should know this…) You (Peter) wrote:

    “The big things missing in the Constitution were ‘never to covenant with other nations’, and ‘never to throw in the public purse with other nations’ either” this is not correct.

    US Constitution Art. 1: 10: No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay…”

    What a wondrous document. I should be studying it and memorizing it for bettering myself.

    Peter, I am not sure if you’re American or not? if not, or even if you are – if you want to study the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our duties as American citizens a dramatized version of Alexis De Toqueville’s “Democracy in America” is in an episodic series, beautifully done- I mean it- just fascinating, for children and adults alike- I in all seriousness learned more concerning our history and laws and Constitution from this dramatized radio show (it is an “old time radio” serial) than I ever learned in US public school education system. Vicky, do you mind if I post this link: They are single half hour episodes. Like the tv commercials go “Listen in your car! Or, in the privacy of your own home! Share it with your children!” and, instead of it being available for the low low price of $19.99 – it’s free. is just a treasure trove of good stuff like this. It’s very well acted and boy oh boy was America SO DIFFERENT then.

    I want to read your second comment but I will have to do that later- I am pressed for time. I wanted to post this correction before anything- shouldve done it sooner.

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      Thank you for posting it Kristin. I’ll try to listen as I have time.

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        Hi Vicky- don’t listen “when you have time”, just play it and listen as you drive, or do housework or even your research. I don’t have time to sit and watch TV, or be entertained, I make a playlist of audio files I wish to listen to on Windows Media Player – then when I lie down to sleep I put on my earbuds and hit play all. I often have to replay the same programs as I end up falling asleep and missing much of my content while I’m unconscious.

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      Kristin. All the Constitution has done there in Art.1:10 is, it has passed the baton of responsibility on to the Congress.
      The Congress alone decides whether to enter into treaties, conventions, compacts, conventions or covenants with other nations.
      The Congress does not have the will of the people at heart. The Constitution must have at some stage. But in this matter it trusted the Congress, because if elected by the people it must be eager to represent those people, and did probably start out to be.
      But the Constitution did not foresee that the Congress would one day be at the mercy of a kind of silent government called the mafia. That being so the Constitution is left wanting from the start. It only could stand firm and not waver.
      The mistress of LBJ – a Mrs Brown – of 21 years, before she broke the relationship after going to confession and meaning to put things right once and for all stated the following: –
      “A lot of people don’t know this, but the mafia are a kind of silent government.”
      That makes the US a good Marionette to the one Organization the mafia respect.

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      Previously posted wrong draft.

      Kristin. All the Constitution has done there in Art.1:10 is, it has passed the baton of responsibility on to the consent of the Congress.
      The Congress alone decides whether to enter into treaties, conventions, compacts, conventions or covenants with other nations. It no longer is restricted by the Constitution.
      Article 1:10 might as well not be in the Constitution which self gelded in this regard.

      The Congress does not have the will of the people at heart. The Constitution must have at some stage. But in this matter it trusted the Congress, because if elected by the people you would think the Congress must be eager to represent the will of those people. And it probably did start out to be. Bad slip up. Too trusting.
      But the Constitution did not foresee that the Congress would one day be at the mercy of a kind of silent government running the mafia. That being so the Constitution is left wanting from the start. It only, could stand firm and not waver. You only vote for who gets to collect the remuneration.

      The mistress of LBJ – a Mrs Brown – of 21 years, before she broke the relationship after going to confession and meaning to put things right once and for all, stated the following:

      “A lot of people don’t know this, but the mafia are a kind of silent government.”

      That makes the US a good Marionette to the one Organization the mafia respect that utilizes the mafia to rough things up. They are then forgiven of course for everything they were sent out to do – they were obedient. They may be harkened to, but never crossed.

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    This comment does not pertain to the article nor to the discussion above but I have some information that you, Vicky and even Kistin might be interested . What do you know about Ripple , which is a digital business . Ripple has a representative on the Federal Reserve Fast Track Payment Advisory Board named Ryan Zagone , he is also a member of Better Than Cash Alliance . Ripple also has a representative named Chris Lawsen on IMF Advisory Board … I am sure both of you have heard of Financial Technology – Obama supported and so does this present administration ..

    Here is a video of GOP McHenry at the Lindet Conference – McHenry states ..”Look at the way technology is fundamentally changing lives and places like Kenya. Think of this. In Kenya, the phone, your smartphone, our smartphone is that way to financial inclusion in Kenya. The “movement of money cheaper” in Kenya than it is here because of this simple device. It’s more powerful in that jurisdiction than in ours because of regulation and forward-looking regulation. And instead of loading buses filled with luggage that’s filled with cash in moving money in Kenya, they’re now doing it through a fast transfer over their mobile device. They’ve moved generations ahead overnight. And in fact, in many ways, they’re leading the world in Fintech deployment. So, we’re living in a new and exciting era in financial services. It’s actually matched the best interest of consumer protection with the demands of global smartphone-led revolution that we, as consumers, are driving. Now, that’s what’s happening in the real world.”.

    With Fintech Leader On Trump’s Transition Team, Alternative Lenders Could Benefit

    Dec. 6th article was published concerning the United States –

    Here are the links to two bills – H R 922: Bill to promote fair and transparent virtual currency markets –
    HR 923 – To promote United States competitiveness in the evolving global virtual currency marketplace. ––hQk

    Lagarde/ IMF “More fundamentally, the case is about change—being open to change, embracing change, shaping change.
    Technology will change, and so must we. Lest we remain the last leaf on a dead branch, the others having decided to fly with the wind.” – Christine Lagarde

    Here is a document from Chatham House –

    More information – Friday articles were published on the subject of what the European Union has created – Skirting U.S. sanctions, Europeans open new trade channel to Iran China , Russia , and UK ,besides the European Union . This will help move into digital currency …

    Iran Launches Gold-backed Cryptocurrency as Anticipation for Crypto-Rial Grows to Evade US Sanctions -

    In closing – In order to create a world government what is one of the major steps ? Maybe a a one world currency ?

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    Was thant song at the end the American National Anthem?

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      The idea of the United Nations was to put an end to war. The U.S. has been at war ever since – serving the interests of the United Nations and the permanent members. That’s the significance of the military component under the Security Council. The U.S. has been the puppet of the Security Council. The song is just association.

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    There is a get out clause in the Constitution Article 1:10 that was supplied by Kristin.
    So my contention is that the United States should have had written in the Constitution, that the nation is forbidden to covenant, compact, treaty, convene (convention) with, or crusade against other nations full stop. That would have prevented (and protected) the U.S. from being a member of the United Nations in the first place, and from crusading for Vatican advancement into dictatorship of the NWO.

    The pertinent words in the Constitution Article 1:10 are these: –
    ‘No state shall, . . . . . . . . enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, . . . . ‘

    The get out clause, taking it out of the hands of the Constitution, is this: –
    ‘ . . . . . . without the consent of Congress, . . . . . ‘

    This means that the Constitution is limp in the hands of the Congress, instead of the other way round, because the Congress needs no recourse to the Constitution at all in the matter. The Constitution concedes to it. Those bits pertinently ‘cherry picked’ above were written delibly (removably) into the Constitution, not locked into it, to enable easy ‘gelding’ of the Constitution in this matter

    Now, the elected Representative of an electoral region of electors, is supposed to covenant with, and represent those people. But instead he/she toes the Party line, and the Party toes the UN line. That leaves the Congress representing the UN, and not representing the shaMOCKracy it is supposed to represent. That makes the Congress a Marionette string controlled puppet of the UN with its International laws, compacts, covenants, treaties, conventions, shackles, wires, strings, chains, crusades and fundings, that laden the Congress leaving it representing sovereign foreigners instead of its own sovereign electorate.

    The UN (the member nations combined) created a covenant, addressing ‘war etiquette’. The US did not have to sign this but presumably it did. It is doublespeak for ‘war crimes’, as ‘family planning’ doubles for State and parental, prenatal genocide of the vulnerable, finding themselves in the most dangerous place to be that should be the safest place to be. More doublespeak.

    In fact, not ‘presumably’. By deduction, it did sign the notion of war etiquette. I know because the Rome International Criminal Court was created above the level of the UN to try disputes and decide on war crimes claimed to have infringed the UN Covenant that Bill Clinton did not hesitate to sign, thereby sucking other nations in. George Bush refused to ratify it, to protect US service personnel from being dragged into it for alleged war crimes in a court where they are guilty till proven innocent, the Euro and Roman Court way of justice. They had to be protected because the UN war etiquette covenant if having been ratified, left them exposed to war atrocities that might be deemed efficacious in the quest to the NWO. Otherwise even military personnel with an impeccable record must be handed over to the UN and Rome Court on demand, without hesitation and even if known to be innocent.

    This in fact left US war service personnel exempt from war crimes they may or may not have committed, and without worry. The Rome court indicts war crimes involving UN covenants. It decides. It has the final say. It brings down the ruling. That makes it above the UN in the NWO hierarchy. The UN cannot over-rule it. There is no higher court of appeal. Rome rules. The ICC was conceived in Rome.

    It makes sense really because Rome is the great city sitting on seven hills, identified as reigning over the kings and leaders of the earth. Revelation 17:9,18 KJV. The leaders and kings of the nations are called the weaker ‘shades’. Isaiah 14:9 RSV. These weaker shades are secondary powers in the shadow of Rome’s (Vatican) illumined light. Rome identified here, is therefore the ‘King of Babylon and wicked, sceptre of rulers’. Isaiah 14:4-5 RSV. Shadow governments are puppet governments, properly called Marionettes. And ‘Mary’ is peculiarly a devotion of the Vatican, making it the Marionettist stringpuller, and sceptre of rulers, king of kings. Columbia is the very convenient pseudonym masquerading for Mary, in Washington D. Columbia. Washington D.C and the Pentagon, were sliced out of the States of Maryland and Virginia, becoming appropriate as a cover for what is too obviously Virgin Mary Land, just another Marionette in the control of the Marionettist stringpuller, the Vatican, personified as Mary, and also the Virgin Daughter of Babylon Isaiah 47:1, aka Lucifer (cast down to the dust like a serpent without a throne when the time comes) into whose merciless hands a former God fearing nation – but no longer – will be delivered for chastisement. Isaiah 47:6.
    This is where the US is headed and why it should not have covenanted with other nations.
    Used first for its military might crusading till weakened, then betrayed.
    This summit or apex authority, and sceptre of rulers over the ‘shades’ has no secret hidden from it, Ezekiel 28:3 RSV, so is above all secret societies including Skull and Bones and intelligence agencies, as well as secretive confidential confessions of kings and simple folk. They know the world chessboard and are pressing for Checkmate. Newly elected and inaugurated Presidents, since 1933, go to the Vatican personally, so as no phone tapping ensues, for the so called ‘Papal Blessing’ which is political cherub dung from a caribou, because he goes there to be schooled about who is really in charge, and special instructions. He is briefed about what is expected of him, and comes back a different and enlightened man about ‘real’ world objectives.

    The President comes home a different man – with strings attached. Nobody can figure out why! So the so-called Papal Blessing sounds fine to the mesmerized masses. But in a protestant country? The one world religion goes with the NWO.

    President Bush kept the US military exempt from UN war etiquette covenanted with the UN when ratified by the US, by refusing to ratify the Rome ICC.
    The US is thereby exempt from facing trial as schemed for all other member nations that ratified the UN covenant along with the US they knew to have signed it. But the US pulled out late when others were ratifying, making it ‘yeller’ and Chicken!!! The other fools went over the cliff.
    This left only the US exempt and protected from being tried for war crimes breaching war etiquette. This also. left the US free to commit war atrocities denounced by UN covenants, because they cannot be held to account, being the sword in the unseen hand of Rome. Crusaders for Lucifer, Latin for the Virgin Mary aka Star of the East (O Lucifer Oriens – The Many Titles of Mary) who is drag queen by ‘right of conquest’. But with whose superpower military might? The exempt one!

    Karl Marx pointed out the Vatican has no armies. But it does wield them as a ‘sword in its hand’ as Commander-in-Chief. The Virgin Mary is dead, but brought to life as now ‘Assumed’ to be ascended to heaven above the clouds as Co-Redemptrix, making herself equal to the Most High, Isaiah 14:14, is the Vatican dogma or doctrine of ‘The Assumption’ celebrated in common with (Isaiah 14:12) Lucifer’s Feast Day on 15th August each year. She is Queen by ‘right of conquest’ (Crown of Twelve Stars – flag of European Union too) is the claim she spoke in vision to a Marian priest on December the 8th, 1998? which is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception which dogma or doctrine coincides with Ezekiel 28:15. Said to be alive and ruling from on high and speaking.
    So Paul Warburg was right to say the NWO would come to be, whether ‘by consent’, or by ‘conquest’. Conquest it will be in the end. Political consent means will fail.
    And political means is by UN Covenants. Don’t covenant with them. Too late, I know.
    U.S. might should be for U.S. defence only.

    All this is quite diabolical, because the US crusades for the plotting Vatican NWO goal. Only the world’s foremost superpower can ensure best chance of success to establish the NWO. So it does. But no ‘chance’ victory is guaranteed. Proverbs 21:31.
    [Vietnam: Why Did We Go. Avro Manhattan – World’s most forbidden author.]

    The fact that the US decided to call one of its missiles the Crusader Missile says everything, it is very in ya’ face, yet remains ‘hidden in plain sight’, because nobody dares to imagine that it’s for real.

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    The Congress could vote us out of the United Nations in its entirety anytime they want. I think there is six months notice required or something like that. Our problem is that our congress sold out our country in 1945 when the United Nations was created and there hasn’t been the will or the courage to lead an effort to get out since. The fall back should have been the 10th amendment but I just looked at it and it appears that it’s been bastardized over time. But honestly, I think I states are gone too. I’ve been working on a new article while watching the National Governor’s Association winter meeting. As I listened to Jaime Dimond of Morgan Stanley, I wondered, what the hell good are the governors at this point? What do they do for us other than to take junkets to foreign countries to beg for foreign direct investment promising them land in the U.S. for a charter city for international commerce. With friends like that, we don’t need enemies. We have enough.


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