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    Yo, Sheeples….. Regan, Russia, Hitler, Obama, Trump, I don’t care what country or who it is because nobody can be trusted 100% (but still, thank god Trump beat Hillary!). They all make up the most dangerous species to ever roam the planet: the homo sapiens! What’s worse is all the new technology falling into the hands of these dangerous creatures that never seem learn from history. Therefore our future is doomed. It can be called “cold” at times or whatever but we are at war with all nations that are at war with all nations. Honduras falling again, Venezuela a nightmare, Syria still a hell on earth, Puerto Rico ruined, Turkey & China putting revenge tariffs on us, and all nations are failing in some way or another. Then they send their “refugees” here by the millions to relieve some pressure (overpopulation) until they breed (and greed) themselves right into the poverty and wars they were in before. Now the big superpower nations are in an arm race to find the best artificial intelligence, germ warfare, and all other types of human killing tools. Look at the U.S. Proud of it? Now $300 Trillion in debts & obligations, not just the $222 Trillion that a book was titled about 10 years ago. And not just ordinary people and nations, but look at the dictator capitalists out of control. Even the Walmart owners worth over $150 billion can’t keep pace with Jeff Bezos now worth $150 billion & heading for $1 trillion+. Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and others caught spying on us, moving to China to use their technology with Red China’s communist controlled surveillance cameras. Here we are now installing naked-body cameras everywhere (not just airports), so if you carry a concealed weapon it will no longer be concealed. And many of these giants are suppressing free speech like with Alex Jones, and the AP not allowing the “racist/hate” term “illegal alien” but “undocumented immigrant” is just fine. Talk about fake news!

    We’re all criminals now!

    The homo sapiens (prime example)

    This is no laughing matter!

    It’s You against You

    Note: if you clicked on the above links, spy/tracking cookies were installed into your spy computer, unless you blocked them first. Oh no, I’ve been reported like Alex Jones was, and now…..


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