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    I reckon if I was the driver of a passenger car stalled over a railway line, with an express train hurtling down the track threatening a wipeout – I reckon I’d be out of the car desperately trying to push it clear of the track. But Americans as passengers are content to remain in the car as though nothing is happening. Yeah, Americans are so cool. They can deal with it later.

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    Brian Fitzpatrick

    I wonder…..Im of the opinion the constitution is a written historical document,and thats bout it. No Treason The Constitution of No Authority. Mysrlf i just dont see how if before a court anyone can prove any of the kritters or anyone else is bound by the constitution. No one alive today has signed it. I think itd b a great benchmark to have some sorta do over,heck ol G Washington had violated it before ink was dry almost with Shays rebellion. So chek this out,i wonder if or what kinda jurisdiction they claim if any in the Zones? Ive been doin bit of research into law and from what ive seen read our lower courts especially are jus straight up liars thieves Bullys is what i name em. Coercive threatening and relly petty if challenged on lies or nonfactual statements . Ive also never yet seen factual evidence of jurisdiction for a nonviolent victimless crime allegation. The uscmj will whip the waiver you signed upon before joining right out ina min,if theyre questioned on lack of. So i reckon the chinese prolly jus have merc thats security jus shoot ya in their international islands of globalist freedom? ive come to conclusion that dam near everything id been told or taught most of my life is Wrong. Or flat out lie. From what ive seen there is no true rule of law or equal justice and hasnt been for a long time,if ever. Theyre not even in same solar system as constitutional. You are assumed to have no individual rights unless you know em and immediately let the thug in costume know you know em and stand firm on them. You better have it on vid also,Even that is not a gurantee theyll b respected or acknowledged. For dam sure none of the pub servants believe,or are aware that they are in fact pub servants.i havent seen a public pretender yet that seemed to have any idea what 1st amendment says. Then if ya think bout it logically theres no way the court system can b considered fair or without bias. The leo,DA,Pub defender and judge if it is even a real judge all recieve their cheks from same source. Conflict of interest? Unless you are aware of Due process and not afraid to piss judge off,will you stand chance of being presumed Innocent,or b informed. If you dont defend yourself when given chance,all judge wants is a plea Not guilty Guilty or mebbe no contest are youre options and can you afford counsel or desire pub defender. Theyll def try to railroad ya into making a plea or even make 1 for you. Ive seen others say the judges are Administrative and not constitutional at all. I find it interesting that word Administrative pops up with the international free zones stories also. Idk much,i know ive yet to see jurisdiction claimed and then objected to w/point of clarification,factual evidence has never yet been provided by procecution,if you dont abandon your objection Clarification until its been satisfied they cannot move forward with arraignment. One wud think since jurisdiction is a critical element of any criminal charges and this was all constitutional an aboveboard,jurisdiction would be fairly easy to produce. Its Not. I,d doubt the supposed Oath they give wud never hold as evidence of contract to constitution. Mebbe ive yet to see it questioned in court as to being evidence of contract. I think its all a ol fairytale and relies upon belief in magic as does so much they claim. Back to administrative economical administrative free zones,along with the ports is really something else. Not really surprising as theyll shoot someone runnin away in back or kid or gramma 10-12x roll em over handcuff while partner kicks em head hollerin Quit resisting step back have a smoke while victim bleeds out. Im not a voter but majority of friends acquaintances are an identify as repubs and will stop in mid sentence of lecturing me of helpin dems win by not voting ,theyl stop an hustle their kids on shortbus to send off for daily marxist indoctrination while claimin to b fightin the other 1s?

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      Vicky Davis

      I haven’t studied the Constitution like so many people have. What I can say is that the Constitution lives through the organizational structure and powers that it defined. That would be the Congress, the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court. The States were subjugated to the federal system and the balance of power between the States and the Federal system were was thrown off by the 17th Amendment. That was one of the biggest mistakes that was made by the States. They never should have ratified it (if they actually did ratify it.)

      On Civil War history, I know very little about it. This is again, not a subject that is relevant to my research. My research primarily pertains to globalization, the strategy for the disintegration of our nation-state and the conversion to a replacement system including the structure of that.

      Global Citistates (aka megacities) within regions is the replacement system. Recently, a friend sent this link to me. They are finally “coming out of the closet” with what they’ve been doing. The creation of an autonomous zone is a rather arcane process that exists in trade and transportation law. A port jurisdiction can be either an airport or a seaport. The registration of a foreign trade zone (FTZ) creates an autonomous, international zone. Foreign trade zones can have subzones that don’t have to be contiguous with the defined FTZ. That’s kind of a loophole.

      I’ve written a lot about zones as logical islands, inland ports, foreign trade zones, workforce development zones. There are a lot of different names for them but they are the same in terms of function. The function is to change the organization and power structures within the United States. The objective appears to be to dissolve our geographically defined jurisdictions with elected representative governments to fuzzy, cross jurisdictional boundaries with management provided by Soviets (committees).
      I agree with you that our government at all layers is corrupt and that includes the courts.

      I have determined that the asymmetric war against our country and our people has been waged by the Socialist Internationale. The Socialist Internationale is the global organization for leftist political parties. I wrote an article titled The Rise of the Socialist Internationale that is posted on my website. Be sure to watch the video clip I have at the bottom.

      Our legal system is definitely hosed up. Half the judges were appointed by leftists of the SI and the other half by politicians bought and paid for with corporate money. Money buys anything these days so if you don’t have any, you are the mercy of a system in transition. Basically it’s a crap shoot whether or not you’ll be treated fairly and in accordance with American (statutory) law. One thing I do know is that when you step into a court room, you’re on their turf and it’s their game. You can’t win by challenging them unless you are a member of the club (the Bar).

      About police officers – they aren’t the problem as long as you don’t challenge them. Maybe it’s because I was a girl who grew up with boys but I learned very early, you don’t pick a fight that you can’t win. You wait and find a path to resolution that is anything but direct confrontation. The cop on the street has no power to change the organization or the laws under which he works. Fighting with him on anything serves no purpose except to get yourself in trouble.


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