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    And, unfortunately, US based oligopolies like Google are moving to superpowers like communist China where people are watched and listened to thru public (and private) surveillance cameras. Google will agree to China’s strict censorship rules. China will use face-rec, voice-rec, demeanor-rec, and truth-rec to control and give scores on all its slave citizens, just like our own credit reporting companies give us credit scores. Unfortunately we already allow 4,000+ websites to record & grade all of us. All have been hacked and will be hacked. Our USA sheeples have become so complacent and dependent on their camera/GPS phones that before they know it they will have lost all privacy, and without privacy, all freedoms will be lost. The downfall of society will be much faster and harder than 99% can or will imagine. Once artificial intelligence gets more powerful then there will be no need for humans. If we don’t destroy ourselves first with oligopolies or WMDs (and debts), and the worst threats so far include our beloved Amazon and germ warfare, then the new A.I. Super Beast will rise and put an end to the inferior humans. There is little time left.

    Eve Of Destruction

    Super Beast

    In The Year 2025! (NO LONGER 2525!)


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