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    Vicky Davis

    Listen to this Keiser Report. He basically confirms what I said:

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    Some would think that with the fall of communistic and Nazi controls over Europe it would be a better place. And it was for quite a while. But now look at Europe. Poverty growing, while being invaded by aliens from Africa, Asia, and Muslim nations. Kinda sounds like the good ol’ U S of A, except we are also being invaded by aliens from the never ending poverty and civil wars of Central and South America and Mexico. Both Europe and the USA are being ethnically cleansed of its White and Christian majorities, as the invading aliens have 4 babies for every 1 babies the native Whites have. In the case of the USA it’s the same except the aboriginals have long been forgotten about, as they are almost gone, down to about 1% and shrinking fast. So, where’s the most risky place to have a baby in the developed world? Answer: the USA! While the Left, Libs, and Democrats are celebrating the flood of non-whites and muslims into the (former) White Christian nations. “Get rid of ICE”, “More Diversity”, they demand.

    Well don’t worry, just be happy, all you sheeples out there. Like Stephen Hawking said: overpopulation and global warming are 2 of the serious problems we face, but the worst problem humankind will ever create is artificial intelligence and WMDs. Venezuela, Honduras, those problems are coming here (by the millions), and our government faces more (and worse) shutdowns due to our growing debts. The oligopolies with their A.I. will control us all and own us all and eliminate the need for humans with automation. We the people (most) support the elites to wipe out all privacy to track and grade us all like communist China does now using face-rec on all its citizens and visitors. Then A.I. will completely takeover the foolish and worthless humans. This country and planet faces too many people with too many problems and too much dangerous technology. Too many greedy sheeples demanding their “free” government handouts.




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