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    As per usual, brilliant stuff Vicky- I want you to know, that I haven’t been avoiding reading your posts- just that I have nothing to ADD – only applause. Reading your pieces on what is going on: it is akin to a person suffering terminal cancer, yet has to read everything they can on cancer, malevolent neoplasms and how cells divide and rebel against the organism, until the organism’s eventual death. It’s an ugly subject that not unlike “They Live” – when that one character guy refuses to put on the sunglasses that identify the bad aliens- I have been avoiding your site. It gets uglier and uglier- your research is brilliant and I find it’s never incorrect! very rare, extremely rare to find a mind as sharp as a steel trap especially in these dumb, dark days.

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    Kristin, I do so appreciate you reading what I write whether or not you comment. I do know what you mean about it getting uglier and uglier. There are so many things I could write if I had the energy but I’m wearing down. The blindness in this country is enough to drive one insane. My personal delusion is in thinking that there is a magic key out there somewhere to unlock the minds of people. If you find the magic key – the one critical piece of information, then the door will open and they will understand what has happened and is happening to our country and they will know how to stop it. That’s a deepest darkest secret for you 🙂

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      Vicky I think to get masses to read your writing, is you must make it less “tedious” quotes intentioned. It is by no means tedious to me, or to anyone who wishes to know it all- but it mus be fed in “bite size” pieces at first, then with a link or add on to read the rest of it further, at the end of the page or?. In other words, provide delicious hors d’oeuvres on your page, with grabby images, catch phrases to capture people’s attention. You have a BOOK here- a great book! but people want a pamphlet, a brochure they can scan over & get the gist almost immediately. Listen to Mark Levin on AM talk radio or on his page where he has his archives- he’s very popular, get the flavor of what lures people in. You might not LIKE it, but you gotta appeal to the general public- I don’t believe it’s sacrificing one’s beliefs or tenets, only making a small compromise.

      In other words- you’re doing the same thing that happens to most geniuses- they’re not all that popular with the in crowd.

      There’s nothing at all wrong with your writing- I merely am giving you a tip on how to appeal to the basic reader- you want to grab them by the lapels and keep them with you. When someone sees your stuff, they know it’s brilliant, and love it, but they don’t have time, so they save it til later- when it gets put off.

      I am convinced your writing will go down in history just as many of the well-known thinkers we take for granted today- but were virtually unknown during their time (Mendel for one, there are many historians & political writers who also went unread and unknown during their lifetimes). Vicky you MUST get on Twitter, Instagram, all of the social sites because THAT is where people ARE. A great comedian from radio history(Fred Allen) is forgotten today because he sneered at the new tech then of television. Vicky don’t be a Fred Allen. Also, I wish you would publish your writing- it’s book stuff. All this digital noise will disappear, but books are forever. In the meantime, you absolutely must get on social media sites and get active- it takes work, you need to keep updating it daily if not hourly, and you’ll blow up in popularity. I know it, I guarantee it.

      Also I ask you, what the heck is the deal Trump made with China recently? what is it all about? News showed him with a handshake with the old Chinese govt, but they failed to give the viewer what it was all about really. I would love to know.


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    Carol Ray

    Hi Vicky,
    I have come to you for help . Check into what is Stakeholder Capitalism which Marc Benioff is helping to create.. Here is a link to an article concerning Stakeholder Capitalism – Take notice of EPIC – “EPIC was formed by the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism” Mark Weinberger, EY Global Chairman and CEO, He was appointed as Assistant sec..of the treasury tax policy … Inclusive Capitalism is Lynn de Rothschild . Conference was held several years ago Bill Clinton was a guest speaker .

    Ivanka Trump and Marc Benioff are working together – Here is an article from CNet – Trump co-chairs the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which is made up of tech leaders including the CEOs of Apple and IBM. She told the crowd of over 1,000 that Americans need “the skills that enable them to compete in the long term.”

    I also have information on the developing payment system – This was added to the USMCA ” each country will maintain a legal framework for electronic payments consistent with UN’s model e-commerce law”

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      Vicky Davis

      This is a very interesting comment. It sounds like the multinational corporations and their tools are sensing the barbarians at the gates and they can see the guillotines in their future.

      I’m definitely interested in helping you. I have quite a lot of information on workforce development (human resources management) going way back. Ironically, I wrote a paper about the problem for a class I was taking in 1989.

      After William Brock kicked off negotiations for the Uruguay Round of trade, he was appointed to be the U.S. Secretary of Labor. He commissioned the Hudson Institute to do a report. The report was called Workforce 2000. This report gives you the basic understanding of the problem they knew they were facing even though their solution was idiotic and obviously not viable. Essentially their solution was “more education”.

      I’m sure the corporations and their political stooges were blinded by the money involved in the global business model so they ignored the obvious logic flaws in the plans for dealing with excess labor in all countries. Marketing has been their solution. Their problem is and continues to be that people are figuring out that the marketing of a prosperous future is a marketing fraud and so corporations and the Chamber of Commerce are trying to remedy the situation with the Stakeholder Capitalism (better marketing) and Inclusive Capitalism.

      It looks like Marc Benioff has become a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurship is a concept pioneered by Richard Florida – also a Harvard graduate. They sell Selling. Have you ever been to an Amway sales recruiting meeting? The pros can really get you going – at least until the next day when reality comes back which brings me to another logic flaw. In the selling of the idea of an all technology future, sub rosa, they are selling people on the idea of a panopticon – a future of total control and loss of autonomy, individuality and most importantly, freedom. They are selling the end of freedom.

      On the World Economic forum website do a search on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That will give you more information.

      They’ve already developed the electronic payments system that operates globally. It operates out of the Hague. They did it under the guise of an international system for child and family support. The name of the system is iSupport. When the legislation was passed here in Idaho, we fought it because it didn’t make sense in the terms presented. Here is a link to my archive of research. You’ll notice that I was writing and researching at the same time because the legislation came through committee at the end of the session so the research was a rush job.

      There is no shortage of skills and there never has been. They’ve used that tired worn out marketing spiel for twenty-five years that I know of for sure. What they’ve been doing is merging our system of education (destroying it) with a system of vocational training as mitigation for the lack of jobs. Training jobs is their solution to excess labor. People who are marginally educated can be sold the idea that their failure in life is their own fault – even though it isn’t.

      I was going to write a section on workforce development, but if you are going to do it, I’d be happy to supply you with as much information about it as you want.

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      Vicky wrote a brilliant piece (many, I think)on the old site & I remember a comment she made , something along the lines of “compete with the global economy?? compete with whom?? India? THEY need to compete with US” .

      This stunned me Ms Ray ” This was added to the USMCA ” each country will maintain a legal framework for electronic payments consistent with UN’s model e-commerce law”

      Somewhat apropo of the topic, “Network” was on TV last night. The part about the Ned Beatty’s character (Mr Beale) takes Jensen aside into the realm- and tells him:

      ” You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet.”

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      Vicky Davis

      The reason I posted that bit of history on Russia is because I have spent the last month or so looking at Afghanistan, Russia and U.S. foreign policy. Why was I doing that? Because I watched a hearing in which John Sopko, SIGAR for Afghanistan testified about the status of the war in Afghanistan. His report was essentially the same as I heard the first time he testified on U.S. government spending in Afghanistan – billions stolen, can’t account for the money, etc., so I went for a dive in history.

      This morning, I’m listening to another report by Sopko and it’s clear, what our military has been doing in Afghanistan is workforce development for the security sector.

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    Look at what I found:

    September 14, 1998
    Russia’s new Prime Minister, Yevgeny Primakov, outlines his vision of a “socially oriented economy.”

    “It must be a socially oriented economy,” Mr Primakov told NTV commercial television.

    “There should be no awful discrepancy under which the majority of the people live below the poverty line. We cannot allow this. No capitalist country allows it . . . He said economic development should include the creation of jobs and the payment of wages.

    The significance of that can be found in the strategic planning for the global economy (global systems) which includes workforce development.


    I’ve been studying the timeline since before the fall of the Berlin Wall through the Clinton Administration (focus on Bill Clinton and Strobe Talbott); the looting of Russia and the entrenchment of a global mafia, money laundering through U.S. banks (Robert Rubin and Larry Summers). In listening to hearings of the U.S. Congress concerning Russian corruption (aided and abetted by Rubin and Summers), I found out that the Russian economy collapsed in 1998 which is how I found these articles. Our economy crashed in the years 2000 btw with the dot.compost bust. In 2004, Treasury Secretary John Snow said that they took $7 trillion out of our economy.

    Our government was feeding the money to the Russian mobsters who were cycling it back into the United States to crash our economy apparently to buy up U.S. businesses and export them – looting our economy too.

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    Carol Ray

    Hi Vicky,

    It has been a while since I first posted the comment above . I wish I was a writer but I was not blessed with that gift . I only do research and then try to pass it on to others . I just want Americans to be aware of what is happening behind our backs .

    An organization called RIPPLE is huge into the digital currency – They have a rep on the board of the Federal Reserve Fast Track Payment Advisory Board his name is Ryan Zagone . Zagone is also a member of Better Than Cash Alliance RIPPLE also has a rep. on a IMF Advisory Board Chris Larsen.

    Covid-19 is helping to push not only Stakeholder Capitalism but also I am sure you are aware the digital currency – You might find this document interesting plus Marc Carney wrote an article which was published in The Economist just recently and was picked up by ProShare –

    “All this amounts to a test of stakeholder capitalism. When it’s over, companies will be judged by “what they did during the war”, how they treated their employees, suppliers and customers, by who shared and who hoarded.”–Mark-Carney-on/50515?fbclid=IwAR3BZWIGqIT_UHZW8zKM8jhtQuQtMeyLOjYJJryq3qNeWJJDDyE5Zu3C5DQ

    BIS document “Payment aspects of financial inclusion in the fintech era”
    look at page 7 of this document –

    Blockchain and Banks [CEO Brad Garlinghouse ]

    “Look at the way technology is fundamentally changing lives and places like Kenya. Think of this. In Kenya, the phone, your smartphone, our smartphone is that way to financial inclusion in Kenya. The “movement of money cheaper” in Kenya than it is here because of this simple device. It’s more powerful in that jurisdiction than in ours because of regulation and forward-looking regulation. And instead of loading buses filled with luggage that’s filled with cash in moving money in Kenya, they’re now doing it through a fast transfer over their mobile device. They’ve moved generations ahead overnight. And in fact, in many ways, they’re leading the world in Fintech deployment. So, we’re living in a new and exciting era in financial services. It’s actually matched the best interest of consumer protection with the demands of global smartphone-led revolution that we, as consumers, are driving. Now, that’s what’s happening in the real world. ”

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank you Carol. I’ll take a look at the info you brought forward. While I’m doing that, you might want to take a look at this interesting report I found on the University of Toronto’s G7 archive. This was in the section on reports from the Finance Ministers.


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