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    As per usual, brilliant stuff Vicky- I want you to know, that I haven’t been avoiding reading your posts- just that I have nothing to ADD – only applause. Reading your pieces on what is going on: it is akin to a person suffering terminal cancer, yet has to read everything they can on cancer, malevolent neoplasms and how cells divide and rebel against the organism, until the organism’s eventual death. It’s an ugly subject that not unlike “They Live” – when that one character guy refuses to put on the sunglasses that identify the bad aliens- I have been avoiding your site. It gets uglier and uglier- your research is brilliant and I find it’s never incorrect! very rare, extremely rare to find a mind as sharp as a steel trap especially in these dumb, dark days.

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    Kristin, I do so appreciate you reading what I write whether or not you comment. I do know what you mean about it getting uglier and uglier. There are so many things I could write if I had the energy but I’m wearing down. The blindness in this country is enough to drive one insane. My personal delusion is in thinking that there is a magic key out there somewhere to unlock the minds of people. If you find the magic key – the one critical piece of information, then the door will open and they will understand what has happened and is happening to our country and they will know how to stop it. That’s a deepest darkest secret for you 🙂

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      Vicky I think to get masses to read your writing, is you must make it less “tedious” quotes intentioned. It is by no means tedious to me, or to anyone who wishes to know it all- but it mus be fed in “bite size” pieces at first, then with a link or add on to read the rest of it further, at the end of the page or?. In other words, provide delicious hors d’oeuvres on your page, with grabby images, catch phrases to capture people’s attention. You have a BOOK here- a great book! but people want a pamphlet, a brochure they can scan over & get the gist almost immediately. Listen to Mark Levin on AM talk radio or on his page where he has his archives- he’s very popular, get the flavor of what lures people in. You might not LIKE it, but you gotta appeal to the general public- I don’t believe it’s sacrificing one’s beliefs or tenets, only making a small compromise.

      In other words- you’re doing the same thing that happens to most geniuses- they’re not all that popular with the in crowd.

      There’s nothing at all wrong with your writing- I merely am giving you a tip on how to appeal to the basic reader- you want to grab them by the lapels and keep them with you. When someone sees your stuff, they know it’s brilliant, and love it, but they don’t have time, so they save it til later- when it gets put off.

      I am convinced your writing will go down in history just as many of the well-known thinkers we take for granted today- but were virtually unknown during their time (Mendel for one, there are many historians & political writers who also went unread and unknown during their lifetimes). Vicky you MUST get on Twitter, Instagram, all of the social sites because THAT is where people ARE. A great comedian from radio history(Fred Allen) is forgotten today because he sneered at the new tech then of television. Vicky don’t be a Fred Allen. Also, I wish you would publish your writing- it’s book stuff. All this digital noise will disappear, but books are forever. In the meantime, you absolutely must get on social media sites and get active- it takes work, you need to keep updating it daily if not hourly, and you’ll blow up in popularity. I know it, I guarantee it.

      Also I ask you, what the heck is the deal Trump made with China recently? what is it all about? News showed him with a handshake with the old Chinese govt, but they failed to give the viewer what it was all about really. I would love to know.



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