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    D L Williamson

    Thank you for exposing one more very large rabbit hole that has needed to be exposed. Onward through the FOG…

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      Vicky Davis

      That one is an especially deep rabbit hole but it’s central to the global plan of control. Transportation hubs, Fusion Centers and Foreign Direct Investment and with it, Foreign “workers”. It’s a brilliant and quiet occupation strategy – especially since the media demonizes the patriots who stand up for their country against the onslaught.

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    I appreciate you analogical thought experiment to the killer behind the tree and the family not hearing, but I think you need to rewrite that scene: the Killer (the progressive educators and planner who are all in on their projects to the exclusion of everyone or everything, mineral, vegetable, animal or human) who doesn’t here you because he is caught in his scheme and is psychotic (he is compartmentalized in his thinking completely due to his psychopathy) and the family does hear you ) slightly and raises the heads and look around to find out what is happening, but they don’t quite get it yet, and can’t comprehend what you’ve said in warning.

    This is where most of humankind, with lip service paid by the elites’ to the environment, cause they need the earth, and want to possess it exclusively. Like mythological (?) Satan who would rather rule in hell than truly obey the authority of a Supreme Authority in Heaven.

    Life is a race between “hearing” the warning (learning) and history as it plays the tune. Sorry for being preachy, but it is what it is. And thanks for your work in “The Jigsaw Puzzle”.


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