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    Hi Vicky- I REMEMBER the October 1, 1990, Address to the United Nations & being very creeped out by it, I was barely old enough to buy a drink then- I was ignorant of geopolitics, US political system in general, but I did fear for the future of America in that speech, the planning and ultimate globalization and end of the United States as we knew it – as our grandparents knew it. Even the Christian TV-angelists spoke of it but in an occult, paranormal sort of way, to induce a spectacle I suppose.

    Vicky have you ever taken a moment or two to read “United States was seen as continuing to be sort of the keystone of this global system” I’m skeptical of the claim re “inducing heart attacks as form of assassination” & one other fantastical claim, but the rest is compelling, especially about the education system as a tool of indoctrination “people will spend more time in school, but not learn anything”

    As a matter of fact, that very transcript is what eventually led me to your site: ChannelingReality after searching on the internet for pages on globalism.

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    No, I haven’t read it. I just skimmed through it and it looks right to me except that it started before 1969. I’ll have to take some time to read it.

    The mention of Kennedy and development is important. It was Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress that was the conversion point from the Marshall Plan in Europe. They went from the European project to an international project of development (OECD). They use economic development as the cover for waging a strategy of synarchism against the target government. Think of the history of US involvement in Central and South America and how many government have fallen since the 1960’s.

    I do believe they can induce heart attacks. When I was researching a guy in India on the subject of outsourcing, he said something important, then he went to Australia to a conference and had a heart attack. He was a young guy. But he made a very big mistake. His name was Dewang Mehta. It’s on this page about Harris Miller, one of the biggest traitor’s in this country’s history.


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