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    There are two statements. One is, “. . . They shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks ; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” Isaiah 2:4. This happens at the last.
    Dealing with it first, this motto is the ‘candy wrapping’ pretence of the United Nations which exploits a biblical religio mantle, though it is completely ‘Godless socialist’. And ‘Godless socialism’ is the definition of Communism.
    The United Nations displays a bronze sculpture of a man doing exactly that within its grounds – beating a sword into a plowshare with a blacksmith’s hammer. The Pope was pleased to be presented with a wood carving of the hammer and sickle crossed and made up as a crucifix.
    The flag of the USSR also exploited that theme. Remember the ‘hammer and sickle’. Well that was more the job completed. The hammer was there with the perfected sickle, scythe or reaping hook. They are crossed like the skull and crossbones – crossbones, and the Vatican Mitre with crossed keys on its flag. Very similar. The Vatican flag approaches the ‘Jolly Roger’ in its style. But which came first? The mitre is head garb of course, and in the head lies the skull.

    But there is also another statement, which is the opposite. You shall beat your ploughshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Joel 3:10. This is an act of war. This comes first and how?

    The second of these alternatives is the first reality. Look around you. Tanks, humvees, aircaft carriers, nuclear weapons everywhere. The United Nations offers ‘Peace’ but it is the lollipop to get you to accept it and world government. Again the reality is not what is presented. It is ‘dressed up’ to look pretty. The United Nations is a conquering, seemingly neutral well meaning authority set up over the nations (Revelation 13:7) of the earth that first charades the terms of peace of Isaiah 2:4. But it is not neutral. It has a non member overseer. And is not an overseer a supervisor? And the overseer is played down as having observer status only.
    The member states get to vote. But the Vatican, a sovereign nation in its own right, is not a member. It is without and above and displaying so much interest, even oversighting the Security Council meetings.
    It has the right to attend, and be privy to, the General assembly, the Security Council and the United Nations Economic and Social Council, to observe (oversee/supervise) their work. And that is where the religious aspect starts and stops. No secret is hidden from them. Jeremiah 28:3.
    So what it boils down to is the world can accept to be plundered peacefully by consent, or forcibly ‘by right of Conquest’. That’s Isaiah 2:4 and Joel 3:10 in reverse time sequence. Terms of peace are offered first. Just surrender.
    Paul Warburg was right all those years ago – the NWO would occur, if not by consent, then by conquest.
    Clearly still waters do run deep. And that is why the US should stop being a woollen sock puppet on the wolfish Vatican’s arm, and stop being crusaders for it with their aptly named but very revealing ‘Crusader missiles’. Why are Catholic charity groups feeding, equipping, medicating, clothing, coaxing, cajoling, urging and enticing the illegal immigrant caravanning horde invasion force? So charitably treasonous and equivocating are they. And the Columban ‘Mission’ of the Catholic Cross right through the Americas tip to toe, converted, is looking to be succeeding. It was there all the time, fiendishly endeavouring that goal.
    Who is Columbia anyway? A pseudonym for a fictitious goddess whose divine right to rule (Revelation 12:1 you won’t understand yet) is ‘by right of conquest’. Why did Trump commit himself to eradicating anti-catholic bias (so he thinks), putting himself in cahoots with them unwisely. Washington D. Columbia oversees the USA from without and above while its own residents are denied a Congressional vote.

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