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    This makes me so angry. I have a hard time explaining this system to other people, or getting them interested or involved in any way. Would appreciate suggestions, Vicky. Thank you/

    Ps- have you heard of this blog? it’s very good- not as good as yours, but along the same lines I think.

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    With all of the regulation that strangles the markets, created by unelected, unaccountable , we have not ever in my 60 year lifetime had a free market economy, they have always been entangled with economies that were even more restrictive than ours, there has been for over a hundred and twenty years a push for one world governance, I think that one needs to look at communism as an economic system that rewards the very few while keeping the rest as serfs. We in the United States are slowly creeping towards that end!

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      Vicky Davis

      We are creeping towards a totalitarian system of pseudo-scientific management paid for and directed by corporate syndicates. Our government is just a facade at this point (with a police state for the little guys). “Free market economics” is not what you think it is. It took 40 years to destroy the sovereignty of the European nations building the European Union (customs union) over the top. The European Union is the model of free market economics. It’s a system of neo-feudalism with corporations having the power (see Davos).


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