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    Growth and progress are 2 major things that are now destroying our once great nation. Growth of aliens, growth of debts, growth of automation (progress), growth of dependency (i.e. welfare; i.e. trade), growth of WMDs (military progress), growth of the richest few (Jeff Bezos $150 billion, less $35billion to x-wife), growth of paving over farms and wetlands in order to stack more aliens in apartments, growth of environmental degradation (for greed), growth of malnourishment due to excessive growth of humans (the USA is now the most malnourished nation on earth!), growth of toxins, growth of cancer due to the malnourished and pollution (toxins), growth of non-White & Islam (ethnic cleansing), growth of GMOs and non-organic plants and animals and germs (the devils work), and growth of surveillance (loss of privacy). Yeah we’re in the RED zone alright. This is NOT America, at least not the good ol’ U. S. of A. that I grew up in. GROWTH and GREEN has not and will not do well together. At this point there is no such thing as “Smart Growth” as any growth is just plain stupid. We need to slow the growth!

    People in general are stupid pigs and I’m pissed off and mad about it!

    Endangered Species (Whitey):

    Song: This Is Not America

    A great book: TOX-SICK (Susanne Sommers)


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